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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Wednesday 10th June 2020

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Hi everyone,

The past three Tuesday evenings have been bliss for me, as I've been completely absorbed in the latest series of A House Through Time on BBC2 TV.

All of the houses featured in this and past series have been so thoroughly researched, and David Olusoga whose brainchild it is, is a superb and engaging historian who tells the complex history of the house so eloquently. There's only one more episode to come, but, as the series is so popular, I hope there will be another one at some time in the future.

Houses are just fascinating with so many stories to tell. Some real surprises are always unearthed and a single home is a microcosm of society in all of its facets.

So, I've picked a quotation about home today. It's from Irish writer George A Moore who said:

"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it".

Although the bricks and mortar of a house are one aspect, the far more important one is that of home, and home means people, and it is they who provide the drama, the triumphs and the sorrows of a house.

We've seen an awful of of our homes recently, and some of us are wearying of that sight, but always remember that our homes are our sanctuary and the abode of someone we should love, even if that person is only ourself!

Have a good day and please enjoy the comfort of your home!

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I agree, home is always where the heart is. Where ever we are, we always long too get back home. 😊🏡

Another wonderful quote - and subject - I love what you find and the thoughts it evokes!! And yes home is our sanctuary even tho we have seen a lot of it recently, we are still grateful for that home and it being our safe place. I can remember too revisiting, many times, childhood houses of both my grandparents and parents as it was nice to see the buildings that had been home to you in early years mainly because it drew you close to those you had loved there and no longer had!

Thank you Helpatlast! 🙏😊

I remember a programme in recent years, where the same family stays in the same house, supposedly from 1900 through to 1960, going through two world wars, rationing, fashion, food and pastimes, and the house interiors changed as time went on......so interesting.

I saw several of those series Don. The one which captured my imagination most was the WW2 house. The family really embraced all that was thrust upon it, with humour and also thoughtfulness and insight. Even the two young boys endured the hardships. They must be grown up now and I wonder what happened to the whole family. I really took them to my heart.

I love social history. It's so interesting to learn how those who came before us lived and coped with the challenges that every life brings! Thanks for reminding me of this! 🙏😊

Thanks Jerry 🙏😊

I love this programme too. Lovely post and a lovely quote.

Yes I agree. I have reminded myself often how lucky we are to have our sanctuary.

However familiarity breeds contempt and I often long to go somewhere else. Why? Because I can't I suppose 😁

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Callendersgal in reply to Lynd

How irritatingly true that is Lynd! 🙏😊👍

Its called wishful thinking Lynd. 😕

My eldest brother wrote a book about social history, he was born in the Medway towns,Uk in 1929.......born and bred in Kent, world war2.... his school life.... early working life.... his Military service..... his life at sea.... meeting his wife to be in Australia, they married and were together for 64 years before she passed away.... he still lives in Tasmania, and has a new girlfriend, and he is 91 now..... such an interesting life, and his memory of things past is incredible! 😀

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Don, you must love listening to your brother and what tales he has got to tell. Have a lovely day, Don. Take care and stay safe Lynne

I’ve always watched this programme it’s been on a few years with different presenters, I particularly like David Olusoga as he brings it all to life,

I’ve lived in the same house almost all my life , I’m 72 this year, give a or take a few years when I got married and left to live in London in My 20’s .

We came back to look after my parents and I’m still here, so I know every nook and cranny of this house, though we’ve modernised it so much over the years it’s basically the same.

This house holds so many memories of my life here, all the beloved dogs we had , some buried in the garden with little headstones on, from starting school, getting my first job, dating lots of frogs lol , meeting my OH , 50 years this year, leaving this house to go to my wedding on my Dads arm.

Seeing both my beloved parents getting ill in turn , caring for them both over the years and sadly them leaving here at the end, so many wonderful memories mostly very happy but sad ones too, the whole of my life in these four walls really.

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Gosh Mydexter, I must have missed some of the series, as I've only seen David Olusoga as the presenter! That's a real pity!

I'm diametrically opposed to you in terms of where I've lived. I've been a real rolling stone all my life. Even when living in the Caribbean for 16 years I had two different homes, and I think the one I live in now is the one I've stayed put in for the longest. I really wouldn't care to move again now, at 72, even though my current home has a lot of drawbacks. It's hard work moving and I've done a lot more than my fair share! 🤣

I can understand what a comfort it is to live in a family home all of your life. It must hold so many memories, and when you look back I find it's actually therapeutic to remember some of the sad times too. 🙏

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This is the third series and I thought someone else had presented the first two but I’ve googled it and apparently he presented all three, so I must be thinking of another series.🤔

Yes moving is hard work we’ve moved a couple of times back and fore to London in my 20”S but I don’t think I could physically do it now at 72 either, though I wouldn’t mind a nice little bungalow 👍

Hi Callendersgal, you can tell leave the TV guide with my hubby as I didn't know that was on, think I'll be watching that on catch-up.

Our homes are our sanctuary and I'm loving mine at the minute as I'm sat in our conservatory with our cat that is purring and I've had a lovely mocha (I make my mocha with raw cacao powder which I love). I feel safe in my home.

Hope you've had a good day so far.

Take care

Alicia xx😊🌈🏚

Home is always where the heart is

Yes, we love our home and as Sara_2611 says, home is where the heart is. Lots of love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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