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Funny flowers 不不不

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Now I don't know a lot about flowers but seen these online and couldn't help but laugh.

Orchis Italica - Naked Man Orchid

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! Rude

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Buddy34 in reply to Rigpig

I thought they were hilarious 不不

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Agoodenough in reply to Buddy34

OMG, They are something else! Never seen these before, but certainly got me giggling!

不不不, In the words of the great Kenneth williams; Ooh, I Say!

Naughty flowers lol

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Buddy34 in reply to Tazzy_wazzy

I want them for my garden 不不

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Tazzy_wazzy in reply to Buddy34

And why not, theyre quite sweet arent they x

Er, yes Buddy34, I do see how they got their name!


They are funny aren't they! Very aptly named

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Eeek! Hard to miss really lol. 氣

Brilliant 不 Thank you

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Never seen those, are they real I wonder

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Buddy34 in reply to Hidden

Yes you can buy the seeds from Amazon

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Hidden in reply to Buddy34

Well I never

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Tico in reply to Buddy34

Are the restrictions still in place? If not i'll take 2 dozen packs please! warm wishes,tina.x

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Buddy34 in reply to Tico



Ooooh la la!

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