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Flowers 🥰

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So for the past 11 weeks or so I have been getting my mums shopping etc as she is one of the people who got the letter to shield .

Today I got a surprise from her , a hanging basket which she ordered online from one of the shopping channels .

I love it and thought I would share 🤗

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So pretty. It's so nice to receive something for no reason other than you are special! Very nice.

Honestly I don't know what that feels like.

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Stub007 in reply to Hidden

May you have many, many blessings; you are certainly special.

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Hidden in reply to Stub007

Thank you 🌹🌷🌼🌻

You are obviously delighted at your mum's lovely gesture toward you. How lovely you feel you want to share her kindness.

Wow! They are beautiful! I love the color of the flowers. Thank you for sharing them with us. :-)

Very uplifting for you

I am sure you are touched

That's lovely Buddy. It's nice that she shows her appreciation of what you do for her. Mum's are so lovely aren't they. x

U must have been so surprised!

sounds like you are both very caring and loving 🥰

I'm lucking after my mum currently your mum appreciate s you obviously xx

Oh you must have been deligted Buddy34. I'm sure a reward was the last thing on your mind, but it's lovely to be appreciated and I'm sure it made your mum feel good to give it too. It's lovely!😀

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How lovely for your mum to give you such a nice gift. It must have been a lovely surprise for you that you will remember for a long time. xx

It's beautiful, lovely colour. It must have been great for your Mum to have someone close

That’s Beautiful, you’re a Great Son😊 I was thinking about growing some herbs? I’m tired of buying them because they don’t last long. Enjoy your plant🙏

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Buddy34 in reply to Want2BHappy3


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Want2BHappy3 in reply to Buddy34

Sort read it Wrong

How lovely, you would happily shop for your mum but so nice to receive a little thank you.

Your mum is obviously very grateful for what you do. How nice of her to give something back. I am also on shielding and my daughter has been a god send. Enjoy

How lovely and I'm sure she has been so grateful for all you have done for her. X

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I love it, your garden looks so pretty with all the tubs 😉

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Buddy34 in reply to Hidden

That's my husband to thank for that he's the gardener 😊

Hi, what a beautiful basket, i think your mum knows that you deserve it. Well done x


A beautiful way for your Mum to repay all the help and support that you're giving her. X

Thats a lovely one Buddy34, and what a lovely thought by your mum at this difficult time. Your garden looks nice with all the pots too.

Hi, so beautiful. I too am shielding with my husband and ordering gifts on line for my daughter and son , it’s the only way I feel I can say thank you without the hugs I normally give. Thinks it’s probably how your mum feels and it will have given her great pleasure. X

That's so lovely I love hanging basckets

Awwww that's beautiful.

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

That's beautiful love colour of pot

How lovely 😊 they look great and beautiful colours!


You will get many hours of joy looking at that

What a lovely surprise! Hopefully you'll be able to give each other a hug soon!! Warms my heart 💓

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