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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Out for more exercise today

Another good walk today out in the open, it's doing my mental health the power of good.

Please all stay safe and well.

Enjoy the photos.

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Thank you Jerry and it was lovely. You can't beat the countryside. To hear the birds sing, see the pheasants and the bluebells just starting to make an appearance.

It certainly is good for mental health.


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It is beautiful where you are. It great to enjoy such a lovely place. ☺☺

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Thank you I do count myself as fortunate to live here. I wanted to move a while ago, now I ask myself why. I've been here for many years and will be staying for sure.😊

Lovely scenery - very jealous😊so looking forward to taking a walk again, but been nice weekend for getting into the garden. Stay safe x

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Thank you very much. It has been glorious weather and perfect for the garden, there's always something to do in the garden.🙏😊

Keep well and safe.x

Beautiful pictures Crazyfitness. Please keep safe. I am isolating for 12 weeks due to health reasons obviously. Would love to go for a walk. But scared incase i get a chill that leads to other things. Take care and keep well. Brian

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Thank you Brian and I understand, maybe you can get out when it gets even warmer as we're coming up to the warmer time of year.

Stay safe ad enjoy listening to the wildlife in your garden ot with a window open.🙏😊

Beautiful, your lucky to have beautiful place to walk ,enjoy

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Thank you, it really is beautiful and all on my doorstep. I'm very grateful as I love the countryside and nature.😊

Stay safe x

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Thank you and you xx

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