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I think that I, Really Do, need 'Shooting'!

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Dear All,

I have 'Posted', a number of times before, about the 'Numbskull' things that I have done, well......Here I go again.

Two days ago I used Citric Acid, a fruit acid, to De-Scale my Coffee Maker. I have a, quite old, 'Fixed Filter' machine, that makes Lovely coffee. I Made Up the solution, let it 'pump' through the machine twice, rinsed said machine twice then put the Solution into the kettle...Where it Still Was, this Afternoon. At least I have a Clean Kettle!!!!

I suppose, it could have been worse- it could have been a Dangerous chemical, rather than a fruit acid.....Come to think, of it, you won't have to Shoot me, I'll die of STUPIDNESS anyway.

Have a Lovely Christmas everyone.


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