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This is so scary

This has been a trip. I just had a c section with my third and immediately had issues. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days, partly due to anxiety and partly due to them not being able to control my blood pressure. When I got home my feelings just intensified whether it was a throbbing headache, weird ear pain, dizziness back shoulder and neck pain. Convinced I had a brain tumor. I also lost all of my pregnancy weight which was 30 pounds within just a few weeks because I couldn't eat anything. I'm very scared of brain tumors, and weird sounds that I hear in my ear like whooshing or my heartbeat. Which I'm told is tinnitus. I ended up at the ER and the doctor said he wasn't concerned but then sent me home with paper work that said tinnitus can be caused by tumors. I've had numerous CBC and other blood work done but know that it wouldn't pick up a tumor. I'm sick of being scared all the time and thinking I'm going to Keel over due to an aneurysm or something awful. Anyone else felt this way?

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I had very similar symptoms after my caesarian and also worried I had something awful wrong with me. I had blood tests and scans and all came fine but that doesn't help the anxiety. One of things I wondered about was a hormonal imbalance as high oestrogen can also cause some of these symptoms. My son is now 2 and most of my symptoms have largely eased, my advice would be to get out of the house as much as you can and to also make some time for just you and have regular deep tissue massages on your neck and back. Hope you feel better soon xx


Hi and welcome

PNI can manifest itself with strange physical symptoms although these should be checked out to rule out other issues. It sounds as if Drs have done that so if it were anything serious it would have been picked up.

I too had weird symptoms. Issues with eyes, headaches, pressure behind one of eyes to name but a few. Overtime this did go. My physical symptoms preceded the anxiety and depression but turned into that very quickly and like you I was scared I had a brain tumour.

Would you consider counselling or something like that to offload and work in controlling the fear ? Also I found exercise hugely beneficial the endorphins can really give you a huge boost.

Do keep talking. You're not alone and will get betterx


I'm exactly the same, I had a spinal headache and got admitted to hospital, since then been in twice more with horrendous dizziness and nausea

I'm also getting pins and needles in my nerves from my neck to my feet,

Had brain and spinal scan and ct

All normal

Today seen vestibular rehab lady who has shown me exercises to focus the eyes from scratch

I'm at the end of my tether , 8 weeks now and I feel awful

Got anxiety too as a result of this

It's a loving nightmare I just wish the dizziness would go and I could get on with life again


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