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Pnd help

Hi i have pnd and some days i really struggle. When things get too much i self harm, hitting myself etc.

I've been to the doctors 1st time they gave me anti depressants which made me feel tired all the time and foggy.

I've just been again and they gave me a leaflet to call a number for some workshop.

I feel like there is some dark thing in my mind. I feel like ive lost myself and i can't see how this is going to get better.

Its like torture and i just want yo be free from it.

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I'm sorry you're struggling with PNI . It's an awful, cruel illness and it's easy to feel the way you do - list and without hope. Please don't give up - you will recover.

Your experience of antids wasn't pleasant at all. It's common to feel worse for several weeks before the meds kick in properly. Which antids were you on? Would you consider trying different ones? Many ladies have a bit of trial and error before they find ones that do work.

What is the workshop you've been told to call? Talking therapies can make a huge difference although can be tough. It's worth getting an appt .

Do you have support at home? What symptoms do you struggle with? Self harming is not uncommon. It's hard to cope with PNI at times and the frustration and pain can be overwhelming. Have you discussed this with dr? If u feel you have to self harm perhaps try and do it in a minimising and safer way. Learning alternative coping strategies would be preferable for bivouac reasons . I can tell you of some techniques which might help.

Please keep talking - you will recover x


Thank you very much for your response. I went back to the doctor and said that I don't think the workshop is right for me. They re assessed me and agreed with me now i start counselling next week.

I feel better knowing that im getting help and i wont be like this forever. I still have down days but not as dark as before.

In regards to the self harm i haven't done it since before i posted

I think just before i get to that stage i think ok im feeling rubbish but it isnt me and im getting help. So i calm down and see things clearly even though im still upset at what ever the situation im in.

I do urge people to talk and get help. Its obvious that there is do many suffering who don't talk as they think its not normal, what people are going to think of them. But honestly there is someone else going through the same thing who need to know it's okay. Xx


You're doing so well! That's brilliant! Onwards and upwards! Being able to rationalise the illness was a huge step and made a big difference in how I felt about everything.

Good luck with the counselling - it's hard but hopefully will also boost your recovery x


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