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someone to talk to please

i have a 2 week old girl and when i found out i was pregnant i was quite upset. i have two others and suffered with hyperemisis (extreme sickness) with both of them and this time was no different. To add to things i have epilepsy so was having seizures due to not keeping down medication. At first i wanted an abortion and had it all booked but changed my mind after long conversation with my husband.

Ive been up and down with my emotions throughout my pregnancy but over the last 2 weeks things have felt quite intense. I love all my children but feel so numb at the same time, at times i feel guilty for wanting an abortion but don't want my baby its all so confusing i just want to cry all the time and not leave the house. I feel resentment towards my baby and husband because ive had to put my career on hold due to being so ill but i just want everyone to go away so i can be on my own with my baby.

i know im not making sense, i just don't know how to fix this

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Oh my word you have been through so so much, I think you're doing amazingly well already xxx

I think this rollercoaster you've been on has just kept on going and your emotions must be all over the place.

Have you confided in anyone or would you go see your Doctor for some support?

Keep talking, it was in valuable to me having this resource when suffering PNI.

Also have a look at the other forum - - as we have many regular posters there and a lot of old posts too which I'm sure you will be able to relate to, and/or hopefully draw some reassurance from.

Nat xxx


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