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Positive news

Feeling well so Dr has said I can reduce Pred by 1mg per month as long as everything is ok - now taking 12mg - (started at 20mg on Xmas eve) Also to go back and see her whenever I need to. While at the Drs, I asked for a Bone scan and an appointment came through for 3 weeks time - very pleased about that as I want to see the state of my bones as a bench mark now (Have only been diagnosed at Xmas). I am 59 yrs old

Dr also suggested I take "stomach protectors" Lansoprazole every day as I asked for coated steroids (2.5mg were coated; 5mg were not - so bitter!!) The chemist told me this was a good idea so I am now taking them too.... Haven't got any stomach problems or a delicate gut so I am surprised these have been prescribed. Does anyone else have these?

Will let you know the results of my bone scan when done

Also have had no headaches (used to get migraine once a month approx)or hangover feelings (after a few over- indulgences on hol!) Is this normal on Pred?

Anyway ..I feel my medical care has been very good so far .....all positive news. Hope this helps others.

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Am on Omeprazole, same family as Lansoprozole, but I am on Alendronic Acid for osteoporosis, as am at risk. I have also noticed that headaches are fewer than they used to be, used to be quite prone to them, so I guess that's the Pred. Have just reduced to 13mg after long haul down from 80mg (last April), so like you, I am feeling bit more positive. Long may it continue for all of us! Dorset Lady.


Hi Suzieh

Sounds good , best wishes, I am also on Omeprzole and also Alendronic Acid, the bitter taste I get in my mouth sometimes I am glad at least mind wise that I am taking the Omeprazole

I have been on 20mg for PMR since last July, tried twice to reduce,but too fast and combined

with three stress situations plus a major one -death of a very dear friend ,back to 20

but after the flu-pmr/Pred plays havoc with the immune system,just about to try a reduction again.Can you advise what your rate of reduction was from 20 to 12- Xmas Eve to present


with thanks ,John


You have had a lot of stress to deal with - hope things are more settled now.

I started on 20mg on Xmas eve - I was really anxious about taking steroids at all so my Dr said "try and see how you are - if you have a bad reaction stopping them/reducing the dose in the 1st 2 weeks is not critiical" . This made me feel I should try steroids- quite frankly I was feeling very fed up, quite ill with pain and had a complete lack of energy so was needing something to change.

Within 4 hrs of taking the 1st dose of 20mg - all pains gone and I felt great; Xmas was great - full of energy!. Within 5 days I felt a bit hyper (did wonder if it was turbo charging my thyroxine which I have to take for underactive thyroid, so decided to just take 15mg - I felt fine. No problems. Had blood tests the next week - all ok.

Dr said I could try 12.5mg per day after blood tests - stayed on this for 1 month - now trying 12mg for a month. Dr says 1 mg down per month after that Apparently taking it down past 10 gets far all good for me. Still feeling fine and full of energy. I hope this all helps


Hi glad to read your positive news. I am on 20mg pred diagnosed 3 weeks ago and started on 40 mg. On omeprazole and alendronic acid. Just been for massage which has helped todays upper back and neck pain. Contemplating acupuncture, wheat and dairy free diet too. ;-)


Am on Omeprazole and Alendronic Acid. Although I do not have a history of stomach problems I was prescribed the Omeprazole as a precautionary measure by my GP. However I was surprised to have problems with uncoated Pred which caused terrible stomach ache and I can only tolerate short periods of max 1mg uncoated with loads of wholemeal bread. My GP has worked out a reduction involving coated 5mg and 2.5mg Pred with limited periods of 1mg. So far have slowly dropped from 15mg in Sept/Oct 2011 to 2.5mg now.

Cannot comment on the headaches as I was never prone to these. However I only had one mild cold last winter when on the higher dose. Normally I am very prone to nasty coughs and colds over the winter months so I feel that the Pred must have had an impact of some sort.

Hope the reduction continues to go well.

Pat M


Hi. I have just reduced to 8.5mg and hardly any headaches. Also sleeping a lot better at night. I am reducing very slowly now after listening to advice from other members.

Good luck with yours.


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