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Lets hope that this is a good year!!!!!

happy new year everyone , thank god christmas is over and everyone has gone home and back to work and school, now at least i get back a bit of me time during the day.

The depression has eased (thank god) and i now have the inclanation to do things even if my body cant do them , there were occasions over the holidays where i would just stay in bed and not want to face the day. i have gone back to my knitting and crocheting so that i have something to keep me going and i have decided to go on a healthy eating diet try and cut out carbs as much as possible , i have sent my form off for disability alowance and will let you know how i get on with that .

i went to shorne country park the other day with my husband and the dogs and they have a tramper for hire so that i could at least go out and get some fresh air even if i cant walk very far, i had to have an induction on it but i now have a card so i can ring up and hire one when i want to , i know my limitations and just have to go with my body now , i went back up to 15mg of pred and am now dropping by 1mg per month as when i dropped from 15 to 10 it was too much , slowly does it now i am also going to apply for a blue badge , has anyone else applied for one and how did you get on?

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Hi Lynabelle,

What an improvement! You sound so much better and are obviously starting to enjoy life again. I'm so pleased. The meds are beginning to do their job now and it's so good to hear optimism in your message. I know how 'down' you've been and it's so good to know you're on the up.

As you've found out with the drops, you have to take it easy. It's a lesson many of us have to learn. For me, it was the only way to go.

Take it easy and have a very happy new year.



Thank you pats , happy new year to you too, and yes slightly more positive than of late , we will get there it just takes time x


Hi Lynabelle and it's so good to hear how much more positive you sound. Pain is so depressing but it sounds as though you are really fighting back so well done.

I so agree with the "fresh air" and the "healthy eating", remembering that when I first felt so ill, I decided that I would have a walk in the open air each day, even if sometimes it would take me longer to get my shoes and coat on than walk itself, but walk I did every day even if I could only manage 5-10 minutes. I also decided to tackle my diet head-on, feeling that although my life had been taken over by some alien, I would at least get some control back by seeking out all the right foods to help with the inflammation. None of them cured me but they definitely helped to ease the pain.

Good luck with obtaining a Blue Badge - I was awarded one and it so helped to get me back in the car knowing that I would be ble to park somewhere in a wider bay where I would be able to get out of the car once I arrived at my destination, and open the door wide enough to get back into it again on return.

I do hope you have a much better year.


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