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eye test

does anyone know what a radial eye test is ? and what it involves.

when i was seen by the the eye clinic a month ago he took me off the steriod eye drops for a month to see what happens, my eye sight in left eye is no better bright light still hurt and vision still not great, and since having the tempole biopsy in august i still carnt hear properly out of my left ear, has anyone else had these problems?


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Hi cannot fine radial eye test ,just radial laser treatment ,will be interested to hear more .

May i ask was your sight problem from PMR and then giant cell you said you had a temporal biopsy .,i had one one after loosing sight in one eye six months ago .

Good luck .


My left eye started in june after my blood pressure went sky high then tsr levevel sky high so i was put on steriods in july , i had biopsy the end of aug but that came back necative due to having been on steriods for 6weeks . So then with

with the systems ive got ive been told its pmr.



Hi Steph

I can't help but think that the problems you are having with your left eye and left ear regarding hearing loss might be linked. What is your GP doing about your hearing loss?

I have not had either of these problems, but 3 years ago, before I developed PMR I had laser treatment at the front of my retina as I had developed a tear, which was due to my shortsight. I think this damage was probably in the radial retina - around the edge. Not the macula, at the back, where the optic nerve is.

When you next see any of your doctors I would suggest that you ask them to write down the advice they have given you for your future reference - it is often difficult to remember what they have said. I sometimes forget and I ask them to jot things down for me.



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