flaming flare :(

Well after about a week of feeling good the inevitable has happened, yes you've guessed it I have flared. The thing is I don't know if it is the PMR or the RA or both at the same time. I am thinking the latter.

I have had to ring the rheumy nurse as my toes and fingers are numb with pain if that makes sense. Knees hurting and my neck has swollen muscles that can been seen.

As you know I am on 20mg of MTX but only had 6 does so far so probably not kicked in. I had a steroid injection 7 weeks ago to help reduce the pred which I have got from 18mg to 11mg. But now the injection has wore off and the 11mg is not enough of pred hence the flare.

My rheumy nurse has told me to go back up to 15mg pred and see how I go until I see her on Tuesday. 2 weeks ago my cRP was up to 29 the highest it has been, today it is only down to 27 so clearly flaring. When I was on higher dose pred I got it down to 14, nearly normal range. It is so frustrating. Really hoping they offer me another steroid injection on Tuesday then it will see me through Christmas.

I really wanted to go to town today but had to pospone it til tomorrow assuming I will be in less pain. So now I am gonna sit and rest and try a little embroidery if my fingers will allow it.

Keep smiling :)


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  • Oh Sue! You poor thing. It certainly figures that if you are having a flare, the inflammation will be right through your system. You're right to rest when you have the chance because your daily routine is so demanding.

  • Hi Sue,

    This really is bad news and, let's face it, what else could have contributed to a flare? Well, for me it's Christmas. That wonderful time of the year which, for us lasses, usually means more work and planning etc. The 'comfort zone' is rocked, well and truly.

    But look on the bright side. Your pred is going up and you will soon feel the benefits, I'm sure. When I upped my dose to 10mg after months of struggling between 6.5 and 8mg I felt better in a few days. If you feel better in a while then I wouldn't even consider dropping till after the hols, as long as your medics agree, of course.

    Do try not to overdo things until you feel OK again.


  • aww bless yer, I love Christmas and to be honest I don't understand why folk get stressed apart from the money they spend. To me Christmas day dinner is like any other Sunday roast although we do have 2 meats, either Turkey and pork or turkey and beef. This year it is turkey and beef. We might have an extra veg and then we have bacon and stuffing rolls but that's it we don't go mad. My hubby usually preps the veg anyway on Christmas eve so I don't have to rush around on the day.

    I am at the rheumy nurse on Tues so hoping they give me a steroid injection to see me through the hols :)

    I will take it steady.


  • Stop it Sue,

    I'm dribbling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with the nurse.


  • well stop dribbling or people will think you are older than you look lol he he he.

  • Oh Sue you are having a rough time ... nothing to add to Sue & Pats' comments, other than I feel for you!!

    Keep smilimg - if you can


  • Oh that sounds so difficult -- best of luck with your visit. I don't think it will be considered PMR -- everything I have read says pain in fingers and toes is generally connected with RA (that kind of pain is actually listed as one of the ways of differentiating between RA and PMR/GCA in some places). Let us know what they say.

  • in my diagnosis letter from rheumy he has also put the PMR as well as RA. GP agrees I have both but will see how we go. It does not really matter what we are diagnosed with to be honest as long as we get to the same place as in pain free.

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