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still in pain

im back off holiday , woke up with flu on my first day off holiday ( great ) still got it now chesty cough. im still on 20mg preg at mo , seeing my own gp tomorrow as i want to change hospitals as i dont feel the hospital im at is helping me .

i acrnt walk far without being in more pain or do alot with out being in more pain my lower back and knees are all ways hurting , i still carnt hear propertly with my left ear after having biopsy and left eye still not right but having sterods drops for that .the list goes on ill stop moaning for now thats all i seam to do sorry everyone .

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I went away for a few days in in June and got the Flu too, its never happened before, also went to Keswick for the day ( from Northumberland) and it took me 2 days to get over it.

Going to see Rheumy today a new one as the last one has left so am taking as much info as possible with me as sometimes i feel a bit fobbed off and am getting a bit sick of it, i feel some dont seem to understand what we are going through.


ive had this flu since 4th october and it wont go away, The rheumy i have at mo dosnt seam interested i dont know for sure whats wrong with me because of what reason i dont know ! . i just phoned the hospital for my blood results from 26th Sept and he hasnt even looked at them that says it all.

hope you get on ok with ur Rheumy.


Hello Steph, sorry to hear you are poorly. If you have, or have had, flu, you are not going to feel well again until about two weeks has passed. So until you have been ill for three weeks or more the doctors aren't going to take too much notice. You just have to look after yourself and nurse yourself. There are some things that medicine can't do much about and flu is one of them I'm afraid. Remember too that your immune system is compromised both by your illness and the steroids, so if you pick up an infection the chances are you will feel worse than you would have done if you had not had an illness to begin with.



been to my G/P today he said ive got PMR leaving me on 20mg of preg at mo and im changing hospital for rumhey as i dont feel the one im under at mo gives a dam ive had enough of him not listing to me he hasnt even looked at my blood results from sept 26th! i had more bloods done this week and my esr is going up again.


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