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Dexa scan

Had a scan yesterday was not impress with the result,when my GP receive the result he will prescribe some sort of tablets for me to take, I am on the high risk not so much with the hips but with the spine.anyone out there with similar result ? An if so taking other stuff have what effects on the Pred , any info will be appreciated. Thanks have a good day.

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Hello akumal

I did answer your question that you put in your reply under Lynabell's post but here it is again in case you can't find it.

Most people on long term steroids are prescribed calcium plus Vit.D supplements to protect their bones from the possible bone thinning side effect of the medication. Your GP might need to prescribe additional medication depending on the actual results of your DEXA scan, and yes it is likely to be compatible with the Pred.

My last two scans have shown that I am in the osteopenic range so not yet osteoporosis. I haven't been able to take calcium supplements because of another health problem but throughout steroid treatment I ensured that my diet contained as much dietary calcium as possible, plus several servings of oily fish a week, plus I walked every day (as far as pain allowed) - an excellent weight-bearing exercise, essential for our bones.

If you get in touch with Arthritis Research UK, they will send you a free copy of their booklet on Osteoporosis which you may find helpful.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for info. also what bearing exercise do you suggest for a 54year woman,i need something to motivate me as i have been feeling sorry for myself lately.


Hi Akumal,

No it's not encouraging to have something else to add to the list, is it? Steroids do affect our bone density so it good, at least, that it was picked up and something can be done to help protect your bones. Oesteopenia was picked up by my DEXA scan, so like many others I take calchichew forte twice daily.

Calcium supplements should always be taken a few hours apart from preds, as the preds interfere with calcium absorption. Also calcium tabs should be taken with food.



Thanks for Margaret x



I find the best weight-bearing exercise for me is daily walking - not easy when suffering from PMR, I know, but not only is it good for our bones, the exercise in the fresh air is good for lifting the spirits as it helps to release those feel-good endorphins. In the early days of PMR, sometimes I could only manage 5-10 minutes but I gradually built up to at least half an hour each day. At one point during my PMR journey, Age UK were running free 8-week courses of Nordic Walking and I found that to be of great benefit, especially as the walking poles seemed to assist with my balance. I also heard from the instructor that she had taught one lady whose bone density had improved through Nordic Walking! I've also found Tai Chi classes to be very beneficial - I remember at the very first class I couldn't raise my arms even to shoulder height and it was such a morale boost when eventually I could raise them above my head again. It has many benefits including being good for posture, breathing, relaxation and those little grey cells when trying to remember the routine!


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