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Weight gain

I had an appointment for follow-up with UK Biobank (Google it - it's interesting) and had all manner of tests. I had been avoiding weighing myself and found that I had put on more than two stone in the past year. I can't entirely blame the pred - I have bad habits and have probably used the pred as an excuse. Now I know the worst and have to do something about it. I suspect my bad back is something to do with excess weight rather than PMR. On the positive side, the heel scan was completely normal. So no osteoporosis. Cheers!

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Hello Anno,

What a lovely, positive message. So glad to hear that your bones are in good shape.

I must find out about the UK Biobank. It sounds rather interesting.



Has anyone tried hypnotherapy for weight loss? And if they have, how did they find a reliable therapist?


I am a Hypnotherapist and have just been diagnosed with PMR. Hypnotherapy can help with any changes generally but there is not much evidence that it is especially helpful for weight loss. I think what makes a difference is having support , someone who is interested in your struggle and may know a bit about how to lose weight. You can get these things elsewhere e.g. Slimming club, and much cheaper!! I have struggled with my weight all my life and I am really worrying about the impact of taking steroids on what is already a problem. Does anyone know how likely it is that I will put on weight?


Hi Suzy, that's a very helpful comment. I used to be a Weightwatchers' leader in the distant past and loved the job - probably know everything useful about weight loss! I was successfully reducing my weight for a while after I was diagnosed with PMR but ran out of steam. A friend who had PMR ten or so years ago also put on a lot of weight which she attributed to the pred. I reckon I could say that about half my weight gain is due to the pred and the other half to my own lack of self control. I will go back to WW when I return from a trip to France next week. Thanks again -I appreciate your taking the time to give me the benefit of your expertise. x



Hi - was on prednisolone for about 2 years due to PMR and as soon as I was completely off of the steroids the 'steroid induced weight' dropped off ! (I lost the 2 stone - plus some -and ended up at the weight I was in my 20's ......... 60 now).

Loosing the weight was done without any change in diet - the only thing that changed was the size of clothes in my wardrobe ............ from a 16 down to a 12 !

Keep your chin up all of you, you will get there in the end !!

Judi xxxxxxx


Judi, that's consoling! I see that I committed myself to returning to WW once I got back from France and I've been back nine days without taking myself in hand. I did, however, have a very enjoyable break in Haute Savoie. Feeling a bit washed out from cystitis and the prescribed antibiotic which is vicious and I have now finished it. I guess having PMR doesn't help. I'm seeing my GP next week with a view to managing gradual reductions in pred as I seem to be doing ok on 5mg.


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