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New Polls - please look and vote!

Hi, it's me again.

There is very varied practice as to whether GPs refer cases of GCA to specialists or attempt to treat these cases on their own. It would be interesting to know from forum members how many of you have actually been referred. We have posted up a couple of new polls to find out from you. If you have just PMR or GCA, please answer the relevant poll. If you have drawn the short straw and have PMR and GCA together, please answer both of them! It would be great if you could also answer the other polls about eye colour and statins.



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I have mentioned in previous blogs that I have had GCA for two and a half years, which went undiagnosed by my GP and has resulted in losing my sight in my left eye. As to whether GPs can diagnose and treat GCA I think not. The only way GCA can be correctly diagnosed is by having a biopsy of a small piece of the temporal artery. I had this carried out in the hospital in Spain which confirmed that I had GCA and appropriate treatment was given. I am now treated on a regular basis by a Rheumatologist in my area in England. If GCA is suspected, the patient should be immediately referred to A & E and the Opthalmology Department where appropriate eye test will be carried out.


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