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At the age of 46yrs I have been diagnosed with PMR and going through various tests for Lupus.

It was whilst on a sister site for Lupus that someone posted a v interesting comment about their christian faith whilst coping with the physical, mental and practical issues related to the illness. It soon proved very uplifting to many, gaining lots of positive responses. However not all agreed that it was the place to be discussing such matters.

Therefore I was prompted to create a facebook site where people who wish to share their thoughts and personal experiences from a christian perspective can do so, without the risk of upsetting those not into the whole thing.

As this forum encourages it's users to support each other I do hope that the administrators of PMRGCAuK will agree that there is a need for spiritual welbeing support. Hopefully this will provide a more appropriate arena for such discussion. Many Thanx ;-)

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Thank you, simply thank you.


Brilliant idea many thanks all best wishes Zaphron


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