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anyone know about Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, and pmr or methotrexate connections

i have had pmr around 2 and a half years and been on steroids until last December,i then went down to 5m and started on methotrexate as well.

i did seem to start feeling better but i was having trouble with my left knee and thought as i had a replacement in the right knee last year that this was going as well but after a couple of months i then started getting pain in my hip and groin area as well so just before i saw the specialist about the knee i had a hip xray so both could be seen at same time,,,,result..knee and hip both fine,pain coming from back.

went to see specialist a week later and now been told i have all the symptoms for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis which has thrown me completely have now got to have nerve tests and see what else can be done but on looking on what tablets i take i have found that 0.08 % of methotrexate users in a survey have this disease so i wonder if it is linked,i hope no one reading this gets it as the pain is the worst i have ever had,i am now on morphine at home and sometimes crutches and always a stick.,hope Monday gets me better information.

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