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Prednisolone & Operation


I normally take my Prednisolone dosage for the day about 9.00 am with a banana and a milky cup of coffee. I am having an operation shortly and cannot eat after 2 am and no drink after 6 am. I am unsure how and when to take the Pred on that day. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.

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Will you be having some sort of pre-op check? This a really a question for the anaesthetist, or perhaps the surgeon, who may want you to have an IV dose or they might be happy with an oral dose whilst NBM or do both. Or take it a bit earlier at 6am.

Delonghi in reply to SnazzyD

Yes I'm having a Pre-Op check - I will try and raise the matter then. I just wondered what other people had done in these circumstances.

jinasc in reply to Delonghi

You need the advice from the Surgeon who is doing the op. You need to get the answer to the question at the pre-op and insist.

It depends on the type of surgery and the surgeon.


The usual protocol is to continue with any necessary prescribed Medication, at your Pre Op you will often see a Pharmacist who will discuss this with you.

Also raise it again with your Surgeon but the Person who MUST be informed is the Anaesthetist who you will see (or should) before you go to Theatre.

The Anaesthetist will advise & decide what is best for you, you generally remain on your Prescribed Dose of Pred & they give you Hydrocortisone Cover in Theatre.

After my last Surgery, the following day they rang my Rheumatologist for her opinion & she increased my daily dose from 7.5mg to 10mg for two weeks. I had 100mg Hydrocortisone in Theatre & 100mg over night.

Very Good Wishes for your Surgery 🍀


Could you take your dose the night before? I am in a similar situation and as I take some of my pred in the evening and some in the morning, I will be taking the whole dose the night before.

As you probably know your adrenal function isn’t working while on pred. So you must tell them as they need to know.

I was given a rescheduled appointment for Dupuytren's but they then decided they wouldn’t operate once they knew I was on pred. I imagine it depends on the urgency/importance of the op.

I have had 4 operations in the last 2 years. After the pre-op, the anaesthetist is consulted and then I am told what to take and when. I have always been told to take my dose before 6am on the day of the op. Then I have had a variety of infusions post-op as well. The anaesthetist needs to know about the Pred.


Just take it before 6am with plenty of water if milk is not allowed. You are unlikely to have any gastric problems from a single dose without food. Being early isn't a problem.

Also discuss it with the anaaesthetist - they will probably give you a hydrocortisone boost during surgery but I think you still need the pred because not everyone finds HC works well for PMR as its action with regard to inflammation is much shorter lived.

I took mine very early in the morning before my op. That is much better than not taking it which could be very painful.

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