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Fundraising - We Need Your Support


Dear all,

Ecclesiastical are offering charities the chance to win a grant of £1,000 with their Movement for Good Awards again. Can you support us with this by clicking on the link below, filling in a few boxes and submitting the form, and asking your friends and families to do the same. The 500 most voted for charities are the ones that will be successful.

This is the link:

You need to:

1. click on the "nominate a charity" button

2. Fill in our Charity number: 1128723 - and then click on the search button (the magnifying glass image) and the box with our charity name will fill in automatically

3. Fill in the next couple of boxes - your age range, gender, email address, location

4. In the "Who you are" box, click Other and then who you are - member, individual, friend!

5. Whether you are likely to donate to us or other local charities

6. Submit!!

It's all very easy, but do contact me if you would like any help.

Thank you!

I hope that you are all keeping a safe and well, and have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend.

with best wishes,


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Wish I could do my part but it's for UK folks only.


Hehe - it was mentioned a couple of days ago! Some have already done it but a reminder doesn't hurt ...

The application wouldn't accept the name of the charity. I was unable to activate the "submit" button. I'll try again later in the day

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I’ve had the same problem. I’ve tried a few times today and my form won’t submit.

Edit to add: I’m wondering if I already submitted in response to PMRs earlier post. I usually fill in requests so I’m surprised this one won’t submit, but that’s the reason.

Maybe this will help as you need do it exactly as the charity has put it on: PMRGCA uk worked for me.

Hi I did it without any problems

I did it with no problems. Good Luck!

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