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Link to COVID 19 European Rheumatology register


Another bit of research we can contribute to. Patients with a rheumatological disease can register to help provide data on the incidence and effect of COVID 19. It’s linked to the COVID 19 Global Rheumatology Alliance, well worth supporting

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For those of us not in Europe the survey conducted by the COVID 19 Global Rheumatology Alliance May be more suitable. I have just completed this and it enables response from all countries.

When I started to complete the JAR project there was no provision for non European residents.

I guess it will all feed into the same database.

Can you post the link to this other survey?

This is weird. I got there via the jar project, but now can’t find the register for patients. I’ll keep trying...

Don't worry about it. If it pops up sometime you can always make a post about it then, there are a lot of us here who don't live in Europe who would be interested. Thanks.

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I just filled in the euope one, and on selecting country I checked other and it filled in Austrlia for me?.. hope it's OK. I'm so glad someone is looking at this

Is this it?

except it's a provider registry, so not what someone like me would fill in.

Yes, very strange because just an hour ago I filled in their survey for patients. A mystery!

However I did just drop scorer how to enter the jar project survey. In the country you live in section Scroll down to the end of choices and tick “other” . You can then enter your country.

Sorry to sow confusion!

I’ve just completed the JAR Project survey. It is a bit more thorough and detailed than the one with Global Rheumatology Alliance.

No good. I must be dong something wrong because I only get links to stuff about physical jars!

oops just read this after I finished completing the Europe one. Ihope it does, it let me choose other country and then automatically Australia came up? Interesting survey.

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Thanks. Yes, it is global now, they just haven't changed the name. :)

Done , poor folks who have to write up my others , both Rheumy and Non Rheumy and my Medications 😋


Thanks completed


Yes joined this - will be interested when they have completed research.

Will definitely join in,

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