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How to access support for people in self-isolation and shielding


I have borrowed this from LupusUK - obviously the lupus-related links are not applicable to us but the other information is relevant: for example, how to access Extremely Vulnerable Person Support, Food Banks and Local Council Information and Financial Support.

(Not to mention how to pause your Sky Sports subscription with there being no sport and all ;) )

(With grateful thanks to LupusUK and Paul Howard)

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I was speaking to the GP Surgery this afternoon re bloods etc & they said they are Not having Input in the Letters we are expecting to receive & when l was speaking to Rheumatology this morning about the same bloods they said they are just working through all the Patients & preparing the draft letter.......

The letter to my OH has come from our surgery.

This is such a great tool Pro thanks so much for sharing it.

Helped me get through to my local services and Covid information as well as the National info so much easier .

I even got to find the local delivery services available via my Local Council website which gives me a feeling of security in my choices .

I could even add a donation to the Local Food Bank via my Council link to help do my small part as I know that this facility will be in much more demand in the coming weeks but couldn't do my usual grocery donations.

I do miss the Sports but I am enjoying all the box sets of Documentaries from Sky Arts and the Films. I'm planning a marathon session of Travel Docs , so I can still feel like I'm getting to explore the outside world while sat on my botty!xxx

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Paul Howard has brilliant links on LupusUK - always worth a wander around their resources.


Thanks for this. I am learning what's going on where at last! I have registered as needing help with food delivery and meds. It ok asking my neighbour for a weeks help...she got me some cheese yesterday. But 3 months of doing my running around might be too much when she also has a child with severe asthma.

Thanks for this- have forwarded on.

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