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Who has changed their style of living to naturalist and wellness approach?


Any recommendations I live in tampa floirda.

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Many of us have changed our diets to eliminate carbs as much as possible.

Whatever naturalist and wellness is - I have a theory wellness is just a tag to put the price up ...

Many here got sick after very stressful life events and were probably not eating healthy or sleeping well. That being said I do eat very healthy now, avoid stress when I can, exercise every day. I avoid gluten, sugar and most processed food. If I think of any resources for you I will PM you.


Could you expand on what you mean by Naturalist and Wellness ?

These can vary in different countries and they could be a more specific type of Lifestyle Plan in the US than in the UK. I'd be interested in hearing about what you are thinking of doing.

Having a Chronic Condition does require us to improve or adapt parts of our previous Lifestyles if the things we did before were not as Healthy as they could have been , or , was too busy and stressful for what our body can cope with while managing PMR.

We all take part in some form of Wellness or Mindfulness even if we don't call it by that title.

We usually improve our diets reducing sugars , processed foods and white carbs and increase our vitamins and minerals through better nutritious food and supplements.

We find an exercise and daily activity level that suits our abilities and balance it with rest and good Hydration . This is adapted if we are in Pain , or if we get Pain or Fatigue after doing things so we can try to reduce Flares and stay active each day.

Exercise should be Pain Free , if you get Pain during it or afterwards you are doing too much and scale back. If it feels comfy and easy at a low level you can slowly add in a little more , get used to that , and so on.

We try to keep relaxed and calm and learn ways to boost our mental positivity and reduce Tension in our bodies.

Less Tension , Less Stress , Less Pain.

You could find that by the time PMR has gone the silver lining is you have found a Lifestyle that will make you feel Happier and Fitter for Life . Good Luck with your Wellness Exploration!

Hi there and welcome. I think most of us try to improve our lifestyle to try to combat our PMR symptoms, it's something positive which is important when we are ill. I've tried a few different alternative, or additional, things in my diet to be healthier, less processed carbs and refined sugars, and am currently on the cyder vinegar, with honey and molasses, to hopefully help to flush out any toxic uric acid which apparently may contribute to arthritic joints and muscles. I just hope this concoction doesn't push my blood glucose levels up that I have been trying to reduce! Anyway, interesting to see you're from Tampa, we are flying out there in six or seven weeks, our son and daughter in law live in St Petes.

I am also trying cutting out Gluten, dairy and refined sugars.In addition, I have chosen to stop taking Pred altogether and live with any pain that gives. I am stiff at night and have pain in my shoulders but each day it eases as the day goes on.

I am yet to see the Rheumatologist since stopping Pred in December, the Rheumatologist had told me to come off Pred through tapering. It will interesting to see what the Rheumatologist suggests next when I see her in March.

It is for each of us to decide what level of pain we can tolerate, I have had PMR since June 2018 but do not want to be one of those on Pred for many years.

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Then I hope for your sake you have just PMR and the shorter-lived version - no-one WANTS to take pred, but after 5 years of pain and disability due to not being diagnosed I was only too pleased to accept it. And still am.

However, it really isn't as simple as pred bad, no pred good: unmanaged PMR is 7 times more likely to progress to GCA. And then you have a pretty harsh choice of high dose pred or risk losing your sight irreversibly.