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Ran out of prednisone.. What should I do?


I thought I had another bottle of prednisone, but when I ran out of my present bottle, I couldn't find any new bottle. It is Friday, my rheum. is off and the pharm says it should be ready by Tuesday. That's four days without, unless I can get some urgent ones from pharmacy or ? Is it really urgent? Or is it just the pain, not the dangerous lack of pred?

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When this happened to me a (out of hours or any pharmacy ) pharmacist sold me a prescription for what I required for the weekend. It helps if you have your list of meds on the prescription tear off bit. In my experience they find this quite usual. It is inadvisable to be without your prescribed Pred for 4 days. Your symptoms will return and it may prove difficult to get them back under control on your usual dose. Therefore, I would treat it as urgent.


What dose are you on and for how long? Yes, it can be dangerous if it is a higher dose or you have been on pred for a while - and the likelihood of becoming very stiff and in pain is a very real one anyway. Often once you let in a flare it is much more difficult to get under control.

If you tell them you are a long term pred user - speak to the pharmacist themself, not the girl on the counter - and explain they should give you enough to carry you over to Tuesday. If they don't they are risking your health.

A friend who lived 350 miles away, came to stay and had forgotten his tablets. It was a Sunday when he realised and we went to The Walk in Centre who sorted it all out.

Your regular pharmacist should have a record (mine does) of every tablet taken.

Talk direct to the Pharmacist as PMRpro and Sheffield Jane have said.

Ensure you GPs gives you a prescription to take you right up until Jan 6th.

My Practice from next Monday will do monthly for long term users.

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Otters have given good advice, but as you are in States it may be different from UK, but if you have a copy of medication you should be able to get enough for next few days.

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I do love the idea of the above as otters. 🤣🤣🤣

But yes. Surely the pharmacy should have you on record as being on pred and just give you enough until next week? And try and build a stash up. I had 3 months worth at 14mg. I wasn't taking risks with "just" pmr.

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Bloomin’ computers thinking for themselves again! Shouldn’t be allowed, 😳. That’ll confuse anyone, let alone those with Pred head.

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I could see them laying on their back in the water with their little human hands typing. 😁

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Sounds like a scene from a Walt Disney animated film! The Princess and the Frog or The Little Mermaid?

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I was thinking more like juggling bottles of pred!! Whilst shouting out "computer say no"

As you're in the US, get the pharmacist to the front desk and tell them your predicament. Depending on what state you're in, they may have some flexibility to help you out for the weekend.

If that doesn't work, go to an Urgent Care center and get another prescription, and take it to a different pharmacy. If that doesn't work, go to the ER.

Adrenal insufficiency is no joke and can be life threatening, which is what you could be dealing with unless you get sufficient doses of pred.

After this episode is resolved, change pharmacies. There's no reason why there shouldn't be an adequate supply of pred on hand to be able to fill your regular prescription while you wait, much less make you wait 5 days. It's not like this is some kind of exotic drug.

Oh, good, just called the pharmacist and they will fill in over the weekend if I bring in the bottle! Now to get a ride.... Thanks, everyone!

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Thank goodness ! As Good Grief says coming off steroid medication " cold turkey" is no joke and can be a serious medical emergency in itself so I'm so glad you got everybody's great advice so quickly and have sorted it out. Take care

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Brilliant! And breathe. 😁

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