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Productive rheumy appt


Went for my 6 monthly rheumy appointment today and saw the same consultant that I’ve seen before which made a change. I was nervous because I’m still on 10mg, which I was on the last time I saw him and thought he might tell me that I should be lower by now, but we had a good discussion and he said to take it at my own pace. I told about this forum and he was really interested and said he would tell his pmr patients about it. Another plus was that my crp and esr levels were the lowest they’ve been. When I get rid of a bad cough I’ve had for a week I will start AGAIN to reduce slowly. Fingers crossed. 🌸

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Good news - sensible consultant!

Lovely news Sue


That’s good News Sue 🌷Do you like Honey 🍯 l always takes take Manuka Honey when l have a bad cough.

Take Care

Angela xx

Suet3942 in reply to Hidden

Do you think manuka is better than ordinary honey Angela. X

Hidden in reply to Suet3942

Oh yes, it has antibacterial properties (apparently) l always take it if l have a cough/bad chest. x

Suet3942 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Angela. I’ll

Go and get some as soon as I’ve built an ark! Lol

It’s torrential rain here.

Hidden in reply to Suet3942

It’s very grey n miserable here☔️

My Son takes it as well, as long as l’m paying!....

They use it on burns too, presumably in a refined format. xx

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Suet3942

ALL honey has antibacterial properties even if manuka honey is better/different. This is a really good discussion that is easy to read (I think at least):

And by no means all the "manuka honey" sold as such can be real - the manuka bush only grows in a restricted region and it is said the maximum amount that could be produced in NZ is 1,700 tons - whereas something like 10,000 tons are sold across the world as manuka honey and adulteration is commonly found when the right tests are carried out.

Suet3942 in reply to PMRpro

Thanks for the info. Xx



Great! 💐🍀

It's so reassuring to hear of positive experiences with rheumatologist! I'm glad he is working WITH you. Keep making positive progress!!

Fingers crossed Sue. 🙏🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Think I’ve just replied to myself instead of you! Senior moment.

Good consultation and fingers crossed for your reduction plan. 💐xx

Thanks Jane, I’ve been messing around with my methotrexate doses which was stupid of me. Now I’ve started to take it regularly again I am feeling a lot better.

I’d rather not be on it obviously, but needs must. How are you?

Steeling myself for my next appointment with Sarah. Thanks for asking.

So good to get something positive from your Rheumatologist. I saw mine quite a few months back and I thought he would be disappointed that I hadn’t got very far with doseage but he was pleased he said considering what I’d been coping with over the year. He was also pleased that I’d had to go up temporarily and had to try again when it didn’t work first time. He said he thought I was managing the condition well. It makes you feel a lot more positive doesn’t it when you feel you’re working together?

Suet3942 in reply to Jackoh

Definitely. Good luck. X

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