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Back aches and drippy sinus.

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I have bad back aches from even small activity since I started prednisone. I also have drippy sinus and a feeling my throat is congested since I started prednisone. Is this common?

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I have congestion in y left ear but not sure if this is associated with PMR or prednisolone

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Mine just started w prednisone.

Hi alvertta, SOME of this thread might help you with the sinus issues. Not saying this is like you but worth a look.

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Thanks. I have a CPAP and when it is on have no trouble breathing. This lumpy throat issue to Prednisone. Yuck. Feels awful all day. Like a swollen throat. This too shall pass.

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I suspect the pred fat congregates around upper chest and obvs the hump is around the neck area. I have had a few doses if antibiotics for sinus issues and in the UK it's been a very high pollen count. What about Canada? In the end baby saline spray helped the most.

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Yes. Lots of pollen. Will try the saline. Thanks

I have had sinus trouble since the beginning of Pred treatment( 3 + years). Oddly I am just getting over an extremely heavy cold with nose streaming for 24 hours solid. I honestly feel that a blockage has cleared. I am on 5 mgs. A lot of the pains I now get are in my lower back. X Rays have shown spinal deterioration there. Collateral damage?

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Yes, on 4.5mg I find I have pain in lower back by afternoon. Sometimes stretching helps a little. Don't know if it is the osteoporosis pain returning as it may have been "blocked' by higher pred dosage. I've bee taking 2 tablets of Tylenol, hoping this will help. Also taking CBD oil which does not seem to have any obvious effect, but don't believe harms me in any way.

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I have CBD. need to try that.

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As I said, I already take it.

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I have wondered about trying CBD oil. Lying flat on the bed seems to help my back.

Drat re spinal damage. My back pain has really started after prednisone.

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Have you had any back pain previously? If you have even tweaked your back previously it can effect it later. There is often degeneration of the spine (OA for every) from 40s onwards just from age and use.

My back pain doesn't seem to be anything to do with pred or possible osteoporosis that is usually touted as an almost inevitable part of the pred experience. Despite all the degenerative changes due to OA over the years the t scores of a dexa scan done a few weeks ago are at the expected level for my age (58) and it was suggested I had enough calcium in my diet and just required vit d3. This was no change from 2017. If I am still on pred another scan in 3 to 5 years. So 3 years in and now at 6mg I have no concerns about bone density. So the pushing and fear mongering to get me on AA by Dr and Rheumy was unfounded (so far) and my refusal after 4 doses to take it again was right (so far).

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I was doing fine and thought I did not need AA as a dexa scan in 2016 showed everything to be okay. 2018 after having both hips replaced, I had a wedge facture of the spine, and on further examination, they found another 2 fractures. Now being given a yearly infusion to help. All this was so much more painful than the original PMR. I fully believe that bisophates are needed to help calcium and Vit D3 stick to the bones, as pred helps strip this. Better to take prevention. There are other bisophates other then AA. Hope things resolve soon with you.

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If my scan showed I need it or any change in past 2 years I would consider them. But I will attempt to have better scores by adopting even more rigourous regimes for weight bearing exercise, adcal d3, k2 etc. I hope the fractures heal. My entire spine is in a state of degeneration and I don't want that to get brittle.

~Alvertta - I too have a drippy sinus & certainly believe the use of CPAP inflames & aggravates the sinus cavity.

Sadly I have gone back to using my CPAP after paying handsomely to have a mouth splint made late 2016.

Was an absolute God send until early this year but I was one of the unfortunate ones whose lower jaw had gradually moved forward completely altering my bite - I am in serious trouble with my teeth as a result :(

The CPAP does affect my sinus issues & use the humidity bowl (filtered water) set at a blood temp range to keep sinus's as moist as possible through night.

Winter here now so continue to work hard on prevention - i.e. diet/sleep/even temperature where possible. I stay away from crowded places & folk with colds. Washing of hands having been out in public too.

Get fluid build up around left ear from time to time - do neck exercises which help + no sugar in my diet at all except fruit. Rub good old fashioned Vicks into upper chest if I get a little respiratory prone to assist with breathing at night.

Good luck ~

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