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GCA. & Myself!! "Be Careful Out There!" Watch That Shin With The Roids! Ouch! Another One!

Shinned it again! No rational explanation other than not wearing slippers!

To any mates out there mind those socks on the stair carpet! " Will I ever learn!! ".

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Thank you for posting a picture of flowers and not a picture of a gruesome injury.

No, I don't think we ever really do learn. A moment's inattention and months of being careful are out the window. Heal fast!

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Thanks. It's not a bad injury Heron but now the skin can peel away with simple abrasion!

Personal anger & embarrassment at my stupidity hurts the worse as usual!!

Senior romper suit I need!!!! ATB

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You and me both. In my case, left forearm.

Ouch x

Oh so sorry that you have hurt yourself!! Love the edelweiss is it? Get better soon - ouch!! What about slipper socks with rubberised discs on the sole?

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Thanks. Jane. It's the embarrassment plus finding a large none sticking plaster in the household!

Good idea with the rubberised socks! Think I need lead weighted ones though! May stop me thinking I can still skip up & down stairs eh!

The bulbs are Iphion's. No trouble to grow.

Probably my injuries are quite small compared to most, but on those little annoying snags and abrasions I have found that using Vasoline with aloe vera (green tin) seems to speed up healing. Apply generously to lesions. Then 20 minutes later on with normal moisturiser (in my case Dermol). I find the Vasoline keeps the scabs (sorry) soft and less likely to snag and lift off causing more injury, then all of a sudden you apply the Vasoline and the scab floats gently away, usually after 3 - 5 days and leaving whole skin, OK a little pink, but intact. Sorry for long post but hope it helps fellow sufferers. Also leave lesion to air dry for as long as ever possible before taking any action, so if you need a dressing it's less likely to stick.

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Thank you for your advice. I have given the injury the air drying treatment today. Keeping out of the way with a pair of Summer shorts on!! It's looking a lot better already. Have to cover it tonight I'm such a restless sleeper! See how it goes! Personal Tattoo eh!

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I can't believe you can cope walking about in summer shorts , if it was me I would have purple legs as well as red shins , Brrrrr!!!!

Must be alot warmer over in England than in Wales.

Take care , Bee xx

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Have you never been to Newcastle on a Saturday night in winter? I'd be cold on the beach in August the way some of them dress!

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Same on Broad Street Birmingham at 2.00 a.m in the morning when the night clubs are shutting!! Some sights I can tell you!!

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Lovely sunny day here yesterday. Overnight frost but it looks good again today!

Purple legs all the rage round here! Goes a treat with the Vermilion cropped hair & studded nostril!!!

The vaseline really works if after you have let them dry heal a few days you put it over the cuts or spots in the shower or if you go swimming , sort of waterproof enough that they don't get so soggy that they never heal.

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I like the 💚 Vasoline Trick! Will get some tomorrow. I’ll mention it to my son with Eczema x

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I've found it really good. Please be sure to get the green tin as it's got Aloe Vera in it, which really does heal things quicker

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Will Do 💚

Lovely photo. Planted pansies the other day. Be careful gardener friend 🌿

Thanks. Always an adventure in the garden world bunny.

Can't beat growing them from seed or young plugs.

Hope you are ok yourself.

Don't think you will!!!

Yer! You may be right T! Maybe some wisdom in my school reports then!!

Just imagine I could running the country now if I'd listened!!

Wouldn't we all be in a chaotic mess then now!!!!!!!!!!!!!