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A bit nauseous in the morning


I am on my first week new dose of 7.5. .5 reductions have been so much easier. I know I know I should have listened. I now notice that I occasionally have mild nausea. Is it connected to adrenal function? Not awful and passes. Thanks for your input.

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It could be bunnymom. Or just the adjustment your body is making to the tiny reduction. Over the years I have often felt a bit nauseous with PMR. I wondered if it was to do with what I had eaten and how much protection my digestive system had from Pred and other food and drink irritants. My sluggish Adrenals were diagnosed when I was on 7mgs. Not that the knowing has helped much. I still face the same dosage dilemmas.

I took my 330 am pred with Greek yogurt. I was using peanut butter. I wonder if that was the difference? Didn't think peanut butter was good on my teeth. We always have something to figure out. And with impaired brain function at that... Hope things improve for you before your trip to see the grandkids. ❤️

I found I was light headed and nauseous and it turned out my blood pressure was low (I was diagnosed with hypertension before PMR, but after losing weight and taking pred it dropped, so now I only take half of my bp medication).

Of note I take my dose around 2am with yogurt or half a banana, no difference in how I feel.

Yes, we often have to solve medical mysteries along the way, don’t we. I believe one of the PMR symptoms is nausea and weight loss, but as SJ has mentioned, may have to do with adrenal function at your current level.


Yes - nausea occurs in about half of patients with poor adrenal function.

Don't see why peanut butter would be bad for teeth - providing it is sugar-free.

bunnymom in reply to PMRpro

I may switch back to peanut butter after checking the label. I didn't like the yogurt as well. I am going to stay at new dose for at least a week and let my body level out (if possible haha)

PMRCanada in reply to bunnymom

I often use frozen yogurt tubes (which I think are for kids lunchboxes). When I wake at 2am the tube has thawed but still somewhat cold. I just tip and consume. Easy with no mess.

bunnymom in reply to PMRCanada

That's an idea.

HeronNS in reply to bunnymom

Were you eating peanut butter off a spoon? Choking hazard, especially if you are somewhat groggy from sleep.

maria40 in reply to bunnymom

I found I couldn't face yogurt in the middle of the night. Now I have half an under ripe banana which seems fine. Lots of potassium too!

bunnymom in reply to maria40

That might not be so messy either.

I had intermittent nausea especially from about 7.5/8 to 5mgish. I did 0.5mg drops over 6-8 weeks a time.

bunnymom in reply to SnazzyD

It's good to know someone else felt the same. It's very mild but new for me.

I've only been diagnosed with pmr for a little over a month (and I have about 2 weeks to go before I see my rheumy for the first time). So not on prednisone yet. But, I do notice a common symptom and that's nausea. I've been nauseous a lot. Especially in the morning. I also notice that before a bad flare, I get flu like symptoms. So, is it common to have these symptoms just from having pmr regardless of prednisolone?

Can’t understand why Pollymarierose you have been diagnosed with PMR but have to wait 6 weeks in total before being given any medication I.e until you have seen Rheumatologist?

It's a question I want answered too. I originally wasn't going to be able to see my new rheumatologist until May. But last week I called them and pled my symptoms and concerns and they decided to squeeze me in 2 weeks from now. I even asked if something could be done while I'm waiting (instead of just celebrex) but got no answer. I think it comes down to this....our clinics are becoming too large and there are too many assistants to help one doctor. Everytime I call, I get another assistant, have to explain my case all over again, and in the end, nothing gets done. Thankfully, I see the rheumatologist face to face and something will be done. I forgot to mention one detail. When I called and talked to the rheumatologists assistant, begging to get in, she made the comment that I needed to see the doctor right away. In the end, I needed to see the rheumatologist right away 3 weeks from now. What!!!??

Doctors and assistants, please listen to your patients!

Are you in the US pollymarierose? I must admit I’d never heard of Celebrex . When I looked it up it is used for RA, steriods are the recommended drug to control inflammation in PMR . Has this not been discussed by your doctor? Maybe you need to start a new thread with your questions Pollymarierose as your concerns may get lost in this thread.

I live in the US and I was prescribed Celebrex by my doctor (they're called internists here and gp's in the UK). She put me me on Celebrex while waiting for results of PMR. 2 days later I got the results that I had PMR and was referred to a rheumatologist. I got the appointment moved up from 3 months from now to 2 weeks from now. I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago and since then I've exhausted myself trying to get this appointment moved up (and I succeeded in doing so). So, now I'm just going to bear it for 2 more weeks, being prepared to go to the emergency room if I have to, and then when I finally see the rheumatologist, I've learned that the protocol for PMR here is also prednisolone. It's real hard getting in to see specialists here. But, when I called the rheumatologist and explained my symptoms (and they read my test results, they moved my appointment up as early as they could). It's frustrating but I'm at their mercy.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to pollymarierose

Corticosteroids are the ONLY successful means of managing PMR - anywhere in the world. And I should also add - there are NO tests that can confirm that what you have is PMR. Raised ESR (sed rate) and CRP are only additional factors in the overall picture - they can be raised in many things.

Thank you again. I knew that about the blood test. As I said in a post last week, the blood test was to see what my level of inflammation was. I've explained too many times about why I'm not on prednisone yet, and how I was diagnosed. I don't think I want to be challenged anymore.

Take care.

I think the best thing to do is come back to this forum AFTER I see the rheumatologist. But, I don't want to be challenged anymore. I wanted help and support. I really could have used it right now.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to pollymarierose

I beg your pardon - but with hundreds of active members no-one can be expected to remember everyone's history. I have only provided factual information - I was not "challenging" you.

I know that many members appreciate your information and your care and concern. You just happened to catch me in a bad place right now. That's not your fault. I think so many pmr friends on this site have been very helpful and you and everyone else in the UK seem to know a lot more about pmr/gca than we do here in the US. Certainly more than me. I have this new thing called depression and I think I just got tired of explaining why "this and that". I realize you and everyone else have only been asking out of concern for me and I truly appreciate that. So, in 2 weeks, when I see my rheumatologist and get on the proper protocol i.e. prednisolone, I'm praying life will feel more manageable.

Thank you for caring, PMRpro. I mean it sincerely 😊

I do believe depression is a very common companion to PMR/GCA. Yes, things do get better, and I've found the online community has been a lifeline for me over the past few years, at the beginning especially when I was suffering seriously from social isolation. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Best wishes.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to HeronNS

Depressive mood is listed as a sign/symptom. And is linked to the inflammation in the body.

It's a relief to know that it's a symptom of pmr. The depression came on so fast and I didn't know what was happening. Are there meds out there to take for depression, or will the prednisone help with that?

PMRproAmbassador in reply to pollymarierose

I don't know if the pred helps - I think it did for me but it is a long time ago! There are so many aspects to it too - having a chronic illness and the loss of lifestyle are also types of bereavement and often counselling can help with that as well as medication being worth a try if all else fails. I disagree with Heron to some extent - I suffered from depression pre-PMR and then burnout - and without medication I wasn't in a position to sort things out in any other way. Using both approaches I got my life back - so don't be too "no drugs" about it.

Do talk to your doctor about it - and I hope they are helpful.

I'm completely open to drugs if I can get my life back. I felt I was a real champion living with fibromyalgia all these years being able to work, power walk, etc. I've had some joints recently removed because of OA, but started to get back on my feet last summer. But was not prepared for pmr. Take FM pain and times it by 10! I feel like I've lost control. Well, you know how it goes. It's encouraging to hear that a lot of you have been able to control pmr enough to resume pretty manageable lives (with a few speed bumps).

PMRproAmbassador in reply to pollymarierose

Honestly, PMR isn;t the end of the world, it CAN be managed and you CAN have a reasonably normal life. You just have to adjust expectations now and again.

Thank you, I will 🙂

If I were you, and of course I'm not so I don't know how much you are suffering, I would steer clear of the anti-depressants. In the long run they seem to give people more trouble than short term relief warrants. If you can find something else which lifts your spirits, or unclouds your mind, that would be preferable. When I suffered through a rather anguished suicidal mid life crisis I found long walks in the open air, sometimes after dark which I now think was risky but then I didn't care, helped me no end. And being with people. Just interacting with others in even a superficial way can help one's perspective. We all have our own journeys and we all have our own solutions and workarounds and what have you. And for what it's worth I suspect medications prevent us from finding our own way through and taking from our depression the lesson we were intended to learn from it. But it's easy for me to say this now; I have found my way through. In the depths of despair I'd almost certainly have rejected these thoughts....

See if you can get hold of a book by Johann Hari called Lost Connections. You may find it interesting and helpful. Another writer who has dealt with depression and come out the other side, having managed to shed the medications, is Matt Haig. I remember when in my forties I said to my doctor how sad I was and he pulled his prescription pad towards him and started to say that nowadays one didn't have to feel that way, something in me said "No." So I said No out loud and that was the end of it. When I hear stories from people who didn't say no and have subsequently struggled I know I was right. This is not, of course, to say that medication isn't essential for some people but I'm willing to bet that there are in fact very few people for whom it is the best answer.

I will definitely check that book out!

Have only just come on line pollymarierose and I’m sorry that you felt folk were “challenging” you. I think in fact we were trying to show concern that you were not getting the right treatment that you deserve. Appreciate the low mood that you say you are going through which seems part and parcel of some folk’s experience of PMR. Do hope that you can manage for the next few weeks before you see your Rheumatologist. Do feel free to post if you have any more queries or need support in any way. I imagine if you are also having a lot of stiffness and pain this can make you feel extremely low until you receive the right treatment. Best wishes to you pollymarierose.

Thank you for understanding. I'll hang in there and will be happy to report back after I get on prednisone!

You might want to post that as a new question so others can see it. It wasn't a symptom at the beginning for me.

I find by eating ginger it takes the nausea away, it also works for heartburn if you get it good luck

I have good luck relieving the nausea with ginger tea. I finely chop some ginger root, put in a mug with boiling water and let it sit for about 15 minutes. I leave the bits of ginger in the mug while drinking it....I guess you could eat them but I haven’t.

If I don’t have time for my ginger tea then I eat some candied ginger, but for me the tea works best 🍵

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