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something repeats


Having got myself off preds last July and Wham bang back. A recurring problem for me before was a painful lower lip with small white patches .. I was sent to the Consultant. I said it was the Preds. Total denial . This happened early summer last year. Toothpaste even hurt. The condition went itself when off preds. Well its coming back. Its Preds . Don't care what anyone says that's what it is. Its very uncomfortable. I have cancelled further appointments. Its there it will go when I can reduce. Anyone else had this?

My some of you are seemingly up all night. Sleep a problem. Yes it is for me.

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Hello, did you ever get it swabbed and sent to labs for culture to rule out Candida infection?

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Many don’t sleep it’s true, but we are a multi-national forum, so that’s why there’s always something going on!

I think it’s great😃

I wonder if these patches are canker sores that can come with a weakened immune system? Perhaps salt water mouth washes and topical anaesthetic like for babies’ teething pain would help. It sounds viral, like something that will get through as soon as there is a chink in the body’s defence armour. Horrible!

I am one of those on night watch sometimes. There is usually someone on here. Insomnia can be lonely especially when your oh is snoring away like a Rhinoceros.


There are contributors in the UK, the USA and Australia - someone is always awake...

I would wonder about thrush (which, when it affects the lips, doctors can be very dense about!!!). Or as SJ suggests,, canker sores.

"Candidiasis is an infection caused by a yeast-like fungus and in the case of the mouth and up to 90% of all people with HIV/Aids develop Candida infections. It is also common in people with weakened immune systems as well as babies and the elderly.

It can have a variety of causes, which include some medications such as antibiotics, corticosteroids, and some birth control pills, pregnancy, carrying excess weight or having pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, and psoriasis. Fortunately the treatment is generally fairly straightforward if you are otherwise healthy and a course of antifungal medications will effectively treat it."

and you would be surprised how many doctors can't recognise either of them!!!


mentions oral ulceration occurring in response to corticosteroids. I imagine it is not common (steroids are often used as treatment so it is counterintuitive) - but it does happen.

I wonder if taking some folic acid might help?

Sounds like thrush to me! as to the tooth paste Try 'Little Teeth' The Dental Hospital advised me to try this when I had a very painful tongue! It works fine and is pain free!

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