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Remember your steroids when you go away but don't forget your other medication(s)

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I was only away for three days at Christmas and had carefully counted out my steroids for that time. Not until I felt distinctly wobbly while clearing up after Christmas lunch for my daughter did I realise that I had completely forgotten my beta blockers. Abandoned clearing up, retreated to peaceful front room, put my feet up and all was well. But a warning for the future! Happy New Year to everyone.

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Been there done it ......survived. X

Dosett box, use mine all the time, take extra when going away in case! 😊

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maria40 in reply to CT-5012

Yes, I do have one but had used it for my steroids and supplements and had meant to pack the beta blockers in their packaging. Found them on kitchen counter when I got back. Still all's well that ends well.

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CT-5012 in reply to maria40

Best laid plans etc. 😫 know the feeling well. Alls well that ends well. 😁

I had to Fedex my Aunts Antidepressants to the USA as she’d forgotten them & couldn’t get a ‘Scrip in the US

So easily done !!

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