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Ready for Boxing day

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OH is now down to 17.5 pred this week - nothing special today but he's loadd the Nuffield onto trailer ready to take to Denbigh tomorrow for the Tractor Run. Early start for him as he has to be there about 9am with a 20 mile drive to get there.

I'm hoping someone will get a photo a I can't go and stand (stroke approx 6 years ago).

TaperIng down to 15mg pred for mid-Jan and GP wants to see him then - also for bloods.

Hopefull he'll request 1mg pred to go on monthly prescription.

I'm thinking of a few weeks on 15 before tapering to 10 - any views on this

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I have followed my instincts and mostly avoided flares until now. I expect your OH following his interest will be tiring but good for him. Happy New Year!

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He's just phoned bright and chirpy to see if I want anything from Morrison's spermart as he's gone here for something to eat - he managed to miss the soup and roll served on the run (more tractors than expected).

Hope all goes well today. The 15 to 10 drop? That’s quite a drop. The experts will be along later but personally I’d have suggested smaller steps, 15 to 14 or even 12.5 at a push, consolidate at the new lower dose until confident, then the next drop. Small is beautiful when it comes to tapering?

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I meant 15 - 10 tapering by 1mg stages

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Steady as she goes and at least a few weeks on each dose before the next taper - it pays off in the end! If you try to run before you can walk you just end up on your nose and needing to go back to a higher dose...

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Thanks and I'm hoping that he'll convince GP that 1mg preds are essential.

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