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PMR relief from a steroid shot in my neck/spine?

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I went yesterday for a yearly steroid shot to help the pain I get from a bulging disc in my neck. The Dr told me it would travel down to help my middle back where I have arthritis. The wonderful thing was by by evening my hips and backs of my legs weren't stiff any longer. I woke up at 2 am and feel almost normal! I have been having lots of stiffness and pain that doesn't seem to improve or get worse. I have tried splitting doses at bedtime but messes with my sleep. I have had these shots before but not with this result. Anyone think it might continue? Would I get calf pain from arthritis in back? As usual I am confused. Currently at 8. Not reducing till new year. Almost 3 years in. Thanks to all my friends here. Enjoy your posting, help and fellowship. 🎄

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Would say that your leg pains may well be connected to your back problems the old song goes...the backbone is connected to the thigh bone etc, etc. (not necessarily all anatomically correct, but you get the gist!)

If the leg pains aren’t normally affected by your dose or timing of Pred then maybe you have your answer...or maybe not!

Another confused from Dorset. 🤔

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bunnymom in reply to DorsetLady

Time will tell I guess. It's wonderful to feel so well today 😊 and unusual!

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to bunnymom

Enjoy it, but don’t think you’ve got to do too much 😉

Shhh! Just luxuriate in the feeling. It’s amazing when the planets align and it happens.

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I'd say you have reduced your oral dose too far. The steroid shot has made up for it.

It isn't unknown for someone to have a steroid shot for something and realise their other aches and pains have gone - and it was then dx'd as PMR.

Depends where the arthritis in your back is - is it at the level of the sciatic nerve? Could be irritating it and that can cause referred pain down the line of the sciatic nerve.

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bunnymom in reply to PMRpro

It's the c 5 and the other is level with my bra line. Not sure of the number.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to bunnymom

Bit high for sciatic then - but the muscles round about may be tight.

So glad you are doing well and pray it will continue.

Thank you so much. Any relief is good relief isn't it?

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