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Whilst touring South island NZ, we have noticed a number of abandoned single socks, mostly on camp gounds that we have been staying on with our rented campervan. Today, whilst driving up the Buller Pass, we stoped at a lay by to take a photo and there was yet another abandoned sock!

Have we discovered the Secret Socker Society of NZ?

As my husband said, do we have the balls to join in?

Opinions appreciated......

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It's because we have so many sheep that socks are just surplus to needs and keep reproducing on their own. The other reason for odd socks is when the washing machine eats one. What do kiwis do with the one sock? They set the lone sock free to find it's partner. All part of the kiwi charm 🐑 Happy travels 😂

That is so funny! We spent yesterday and last night at Murchison. Today we travel up to Nelson so I will look out for the pesky creature on our way xx

That’s where they all are!! I have their partners here, disappeared ‘twixt washer and dryer.

I’d join in. Write weird things on the abandoned socks like a clue to find Sockies partner along the road your travelling. Someone will put their experiences on Tripadvisor. The Quest For Socky.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Oh no, you obviously come across remains of the Lesser Spotted Kiwi Sock Chewer, aka the Canterbury Plains possum.

Unfortunately their eyes are bigger than their bellies, so although they think they can eat a pair of socks they can only manage a single one.

Of course if it’s a plaid sock you’ve found it’s more likely to be the Invergarkill -Dunedin possum!

And never catch sight of one - they’re nocturnal - unless one has been run over!


There were so many flat ones why is the fur so expensive? If you collected road kill cleaned it up and sold it you’d be minted. Especially the stunned 😳 ones that haven’t been processed by other traffic.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Estellemac

Well it’s got to come a long way hasn’t it? And although the Kiwis are very adaptable and can turn their hand to most things, even they would probably baulk at scraping bits off the road and then cleaning them! Life’s not that bad, easier jobs to do.

Possums are not their favourite beasts at the best of times!

But I’ll bear it in mind - my daughter’s just handed in her notice in - if she gets desperate I’ll suggest it to her! Can imagine the response 🤬

😁😳🤮🤑 It’s a money spinner honest!!!

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Estellemac

Says someone who’s known as M’Lady 🤨

Mind you as one Lady to another!

How do you think I made it???

Out of dead stuff opportunities.

If they were all gathered up bound to be one or two matching pairs

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Must be like plastic having been proven to go to a sort of island area - all those lost socks from the wash have been driven all the way over there by ocean currents...

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to PMRpro

Oh no... again!

Not only is New Zealand going to be flooded by the rising Antarctica ice mass melting it’s going to be drowned in pair-less lost socks as well!

Head for the hills - not a good idea really, most of them are volcanos 🌋

“Doomed, I say we’re doomed”

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A gobsmacking phenomena!.... Just wondering!.... You're not missing a few yourselves by any chance!... Pred head & all that! You should see what turns up in our compost bin at the end of the year!!

If you go further south to a little place called Cadrona which is between Queenstown & Wanaka, you'll find a fence line full of abandoned bras.

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