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Mistake with tablets

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Have just searched site and see that my mistake today is not going to kill me. Phew. Saturday morning is my time to sort a fortnight's tablets into pill boxes. I am not rushing on Saturday and first thing in the morning means I am usually "with it". Well not today. The only pill a different colour is the 2.5. I'm on 9.5. The problem arose because the new pills x1 are exactly same size as x5 (they usually differ). I got in a muddle. Couldn't remember what I had done, just sat in a panic feeling stupid. Do I throw away and start again? No way. It's only one day....... I simply erred on side of caution. Today I may be a bit more bouncy than usual. I'm quite looking forward to it!

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We’ve all done it! See you at 4 am 😉

Well I'm glad I posted because you have given me timely reminder that an amitryptiline will be a good idea tonight! Thank you kindly! X

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Even when we put them in a pill box, mine only contain Pred you can still get confused, l had some of those 1mg that were almost the size of 5mg if only they were coloured like the 2.5mg.......

Hope you have a good day x

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Oh boy, I have had those moments.... I call them "brain farts!" I hope you stay bouncy for the rest of the day!

The coated version is colour coded which is really useful.

I find my leverthyroxine tablets are the same size and colour as the prednisolone,although if you look closely they are marked differently but my eyesight is not good enough without my glasses to tell the difference.l keep each box in a separate room. Thanks to brain fog and not concentrating enough l sometimes cannot remember whether l have taken the Pred.,or not,and then am not sure what to do ! Have a nice weekend everyone.

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I'm easily confused on a normal day, so when I sort the pills it is in to week day named compartments. Used to think they were for really old folk. Well, what do you know? I'm there already! I do recommend these pots. Mind you,sometimes i have to check what day of the week it is!

I used to think that so refused to get one so use a phone app instead. I find it's good because it gives me reminders to take stuff. I'm 72 but still resisting being 'old'. When I was 60 i thought 70 was old, now i think it's 80, when I get to 80 I expect I'll up it to 90!

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