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Did I forget my dose??


Hello all.....

Hope you're all doing as well as can be expected.

I picked up my dosset box yesterday morning and it looked like I missed a dose.

The dosset box is French, so the days are D L M M J F S and it looks like I may have got confused with the 2 M's. Yesterday was jeudi and it looks like it was Tuesday I missd. Could it be the missing of 10 mgs on Tues that's left me feeling so unwell, achey, stiff? I hope so, as this means I will begin to improve soon.

As usual, here's a photo of little Thea aged 17 months.

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Sounds like you might have missed a day. I have done it a couple of times and swore it would not happen again. You should be back to normal soon anyway if you don’t forget to take them again!

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My first time since starting this journey!

I began to feel odd last night, head beginning to hurt.

I though I was coming down with something. Quite pleased it's probably this.

Don't plan on repeating this!

Thea's picture made me smile. 😁

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I see it every day, it's my Facebook profile picture....I smile every time. Thankyou :)


Last week l took my box off my bedside cabinet, confirmed the day with my husband & still managed not to take it! But luckily l spotted it as l was tidying by cabinet later, l discovered what l’d done!

Hope you’re feeling better now & Thea is gorgeous 💕

Gosh she’s lovely Ida’s mum!

We’ve all missed a dose at least once. I hope you get back on track soon. Do you live in France?

Yes we've been here 12 years.

You must have some concerns about Brexit? It’s probably fine if you are a resident though.

Many concerns and we're not out of the woods. Have applied for Naturalisation but the process is long....will not be complete for ?2 years.

Watching in horror and perhaps this isn't the place to discuss the B*******

No I suppose not. I hope everything works out for us all.

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I worked in Belgium with no problem before we (UK) joined the EU. I am sure that you will be able to stay after Brexit, you may need to fill in a few forms. There are too many French people in London for them to try to stop U.K. people living in France.

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Wow! It takes only a couple of months here in Germany (before 20th March next year). Whether Brexit happens, doesn’t happen, perhaps happens, is anyone’s guess. Wait and see is my motto.

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The prefectures are overwhelmed and do not/will not employ extra staff.

I don't blame them, why should they spend more money on something not created by them.

Yes your symptoms are likely to be as a result of missing the dose. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago & like you some of the aches & pains came back. As I still had a headache a week later & was worried about GCA, went to the dr, who said it was most likely withdrawal symptoms & would probably go away. And it did

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Oh....yes, headache was first symptom. Seems to have gone today (so far).

Best laid plans!! So easily done ! For me it's remembering whether I've taken the added Leflunomide . It's when I'm busy thinking about other things and not concentrating!! Thea is lovely- what a gorgeous smile that radiates through her eyes.

What a wonderful little girl!!!! and yup you forgot a day and isn't it good to know you aren't actually getting the flu!!! All will be well!

Very charming smile 😊

Feel so much better today....enough to potter in the garden.

What a delightful pic of a delightful little girl. Precious! x

Yep you missed your dose - hope you’re feeling better now - gorgeous little Thea is a great distraction for you. Ever thought about getting an English pill box?

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