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Tapering success


So, my question... when do I know my taper is being successful?

In other words, how long do I need to wait at 6 mg, before I can trust my new level is sufficient. I am being moderately active, and often, my activities result in soreness in my shoulders and hips. I take daily Tylenol tabs to address my arthritis issues, but really dont want to return to 6.5 mg pred.

I hope/believe my PMR is extinguishing...after 5 years.

What do you'all think?

Thanks, Jerri

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We are all different

I base my reductions on how I feel if after 2 weeks I am ok I will reduce again but like you only by .5 and use DSS .If I have anything going on in my life I will wait till after the event till reducing .

Good Luck

Valnvaughan in reply to Rose54


Well, there's a good question! After nearly four years with PMR I can't really answer it for you, other than to say I couldn't possibly reduce after two weeks at a new dose, especially once below 10 mg.

I'm currently on 3mg, and taper by a half at a time. Ever since around 7mg, I have stayed at a new level for between 6 to 10 weeks before being confident enough to take the next step!

BUT, as has been said many times on this forum, we are all different. At the end of the day, we have to listen to our own body. In my case, it certainly tells me if I have tried to do down too quickly.

At least I have managed to avoid a flare - so far!!!

Good luck



Personally I'd say a month - unless you used the Dead Slow approach and a long one in which case a couple of weeks is probably enough. But it isn't just the PMR now - you are in to adrenal territory so slow is good. To some extent it also relates to how easy you found the reduction step.

I reduce .5mg every 6 weeks, I did manage to get below 5 mg once but then developed PMR. I’ve had GCA for three years now but my consultant says I probably had PMR running in the background, but it was masked by the high doses of pred.

The plan is once I get to 5 mg is to stay on it as a maintenance dose.

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