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Question on tapering


I started my pred at 60 mg in June 2017 when diagnosed with GCA, now done to 7mg now using a very slow taper.

However I sometimes experience slight or continual pressure on my temple, and in my jaw. A few weeks ago I had a flare, so increased my pred.

I don't feel I should increase when it is slight.

What is others experience?

I'm sorry I missed the members day, sounds like it was really good.

Photo of great grandson

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To have got from 60 to 7mg in 15 months is very good going. If you flared recently it may be you need to stay where you are for a couple of months - it isn't a race and you are WAAAAYYYY ahead of the curve!

Robert09 in reply to PMRpro

Thank you for your advice.

When I had my flare I was on 10mg and increased it to 12mg for about 3 weeks then reduced it to 10 for a while then started again to taper down to 7mg.

So would you say I stay on 7mg where I am now for a couple of months?

should I just ignore the light pressure to my forehead and temple, obviously if it became more I will increase my pred.

I think I have answered my question !

It is all very alien.

I'm very appreciative of your support.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Good advice from PMRpro - nuff said!

Ease off and have a rest!

Well there is a cup full of gorgeousness! 💖


Hi Robert, I cant help you with tapering because I'm still experimenting myself.... I have both PMR & GCA, since 11/2017. I started at 40, went to 60, reduced to 40, had a flare, went to 80 and have been reducing (more slowly) ever since... I'm currently at 27.5. I get occasional headaches/pressure around the temples, but it doesn't last so I don't increase my dosage. Good luck!

Beautiful great grandson by the way!!!!!!

Robert09 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for replying, it's a bit of a mine field.

It's impossible to get any support from rheumatologist only contact is when I have an appointment about every 4/5 months, GP can be helpful but not sure they have a full understanding of the condition.

I'm sorry you have both PMR & GCA, I'm lucky I only have GCA, although often feel ache & pains but put it down to getting older.

My G Grandson is brilliant, very mischievous.


I had GCA diagnosed almost 6years ago. My suggestion from experience is go with your gut feeling and increase a little to what you were on before you decreased. I find half mg

tablets useful to help with this.

Dear little boy. Love that little bit of wet hair on forehead and gorgeous blue eyes. Precious.

Robert09 in reply to karools16

He is lovely, growing up to fast

He is lovely ‘ most of the time

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