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A sight for sore eyes!


Try not picture this, before breakfast stark naked weighed myself.... just off 10 stone put on over a stone. Enough is enough, no more cake no more wine but perhaps a tiny drop of mayo on my lettuce leaf.

Dare I mention there was an article in Times2 this morning on fibromyalgia? Anna Farther was describing her journey with fibromyalgia, sympathising with Kirsty Young. The mother in Sharp Objects also said she has fibro, of course I know we are more exotic with our little known deasease but our turn will come!

PS does anyone know what Sharp Objects is about, far too much mumbling and how come the heroine is still good looking despite drinking from morning till night every day? Just tell me the mother did it and I don't need to watch it anymore.

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What on earth is Sharp Objects?

I would LOVE to be 10st. Passed it somewhere on the way up about 40 years ago... And I am a whole 5' 1" on a very tall day.

Constance13 in reply to PMRpro

Don’t get OP then, you might shrink that 1”😏

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Constance13

I once did a medical for nursing - they made me 4' 11 1/2"

Constance13 in reply to PMRpro

Oh dear. I laughed, but it isn’t funny is it? Perhaps the PMR has ‘stretched’ you!😏

I think pred has made me grow taller, but everyone says my trousers have shrunk😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Have just read a short article about how just one sleepless night can prime your body to store fat. Is it then logical that the more time we spend sleeping the less fat gets stored? 😂

scats in reply to CT-5012

That's one diet I could do!

arthur463 in reply to CT-5012

Nothing in Predworld is as easy as that!

I read the Times article today, there were some things about fibromyalgia that reminded me of PMR such as fibro-head.

ChrisMcT in reply to piglette

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at first and speaking to someone who suffers from fibro it sounds very similar. Different drugs to combat it and easier to pronounce too!

Chris I have fibromyalgia too. For about 25 years. Horrible condition. Xxx


Haven’t seen ‘Sharp Objects’ but l do hate it when they mumble!.....

Didn’t see the Times Article but Fibro will be News for a Day or Two, meanwhile we rubble along!

Good Luck with the Diet, l too must go low carb but I’m going to France on Thursday & my Daughter in Law is a good cook & Son is a BBQ Man!........

Mrs N 💅🏼

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Hidden

BBQ is fine - easy low carb that!!!!

arthur463 in reply to PMRpro

You haven't seen my wife's idea of a BBQ ! I just look on in wonderment as I suck on a dried biscuit.

HeronNS in reply to Hidden

What bugs me is background music which drowns out dialogue. What's the point of that? (Not referring to Sharp Objects, which I never heard of before, but many a tv show.)

ChrisMcT in reply to HeronNS

It's an American murder mystery, has rather a lot of episodes and each one doesn't seem to get any nearer to being solved.

piglette in reply to HeronNS

I totally agree, it is not just TV shows but radio shows too. They manage to get the sound balance wrong and it is impossible to hear what is being said. I have no idea why they have to do it.

It’s to make you concentrate and to immerse yourself . Either that or we are all going deaf 😀... Marlon was method and brilliant at it.

Valnvaughan in reply to HeronNS

I find dialogue difficult to hear on TV....they speak with no gaps in sentences and mumble....especially if not facing the camera. We often use sub titles for dramas.......not always accurate and can be a giggle in themselves.

And why oh why do we get music to accompany ever dramatic moment.....that does not happen in real life!

HeronNS in reply to Valnvaughan

And the idiocy of background music in nature shows when we really want to hear the environment!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to HeronNS

What gets us is we have the news or whatever on at an acceptable level - and suddenly the ad break happens. Requires hands over ears if the remote isn't handy. It is utterly hellish on Austrian TV - obviously so you can hear it from the bathroom since I assume that is what ad breaks are for...

HeronNS in reply to PMRpro

We in Canada were told a few years ago that new regulations would prevent ads from being louder than the show, but it's a fact that ads are still much clearer and cleaner and seem louder in their sound quality. I think that also says something about sound clarity, or lack thereof, of the programs, doesn't it? Maybe program producers should be hiring ad sound men!

Ciar in reply to HeronNS

Sound quality of dialog IS getting worse, and I don’t think it’s my ears. I gave up being frustrated with all this awhile ago and always use closed caption. Thankful for that technology.

ChrisMcT in reply to Hidden

I blame Marlon Brando he started it! Have a great time in France.

Hidden in reply to ChrisMcT

Thanks x

Like PMRpro, I’d love to weigh 10 stone (I believe that translates into about 140lbs). Think I weighed that in grade 4. Only 5’2” here.

I am trying to lose another 20lbs and am being more diligent about carb intake and trying to exercise a bit more. On pred it’s tough but I have already lost a few more, breaking through the plateau I hit.

Good luck on your diet efforts.

ChrisMcT in reply to PMRCanada

Good lord 140 lbs sounds much more than 10stone! I am/was 5'2" wouldn't need to diet if I was 5'8", my daughter hasn't made 5' and blames me roundly. Also good luck with your diet also.

It is a bit dark isn’t it? No there is a twist you didn’t see coming and no she would be an utter wreck drinking all the time.

I don’t weigh myself. I am on 6 mgs now but was on 7 mgs for months and was so exhausted so I think stupidly, I have put on more “fed up” weight on than at any other phase of the illness.

I'm not too heavy for my height, I'm too short for my weight....

PMRproAmbassador in reply to DianeA1

Always my line - not overweight, I'm under-tall...

ShirleyAb in reply to PMRpro

My best height at school was 4 ft. 11 and three-quarter inches. Now shrunk to 4 ft. 6 and a half inches. Disappearing!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to ShirleyAb

But they don't make allowances for weight when you shrink like that do they!

Well, count yourself lucky. 10 stone is my target. I'm 5'3 and 14 stone. Before pred I was about 12.5 stone. I've just done the NHS What's your heart age? Health Check and didn't much like the result. I think this is the incentive that will finally make me take action.

I really enjoyed Sharp Objects ... beautifully filmed and a good story.

But then that’s just in my opinion 🙂give it a chance .

Try the low carb eating .It is helping me keep my weight stable at the moment ( I still drink red wine ....but cake is not on my menu sadly )

Her sister did it but mother arrested for it...

Really, she must be awfully strong to pull out all those teethl

I’ve put on over a stone too, as I’m down to 5mg I need to take action now

Oh to be in single figures (also the target when I played golf). A stone is not so much to lose so do it now ready for Christmas then you can celebrate with cake and wine!!! I went teetotal last year for 9 months I'm sure that brought on my PMR, total shock to the body started drinking when working at 15. It was good for you then as was smoking.

I told a neighbour my OH who is very ill had lost over three stone. Oh I wish I could loose my weight that quickly !!!!

So my advice is eat good food, keep active but above all enjoy each day. They are very very precious. Jen

PMRproAmbassador in reply to 5lupins

My OH was in hospital for 10 days a bit back - lost 5kg! All fluid - they'd upped his diuretics, the old one wasn't working very well. Doesn't work for me though - even when my feet are like footballs... Not fair!

Weight issues are the bane of our lives aren’t they. I got massively obese when the doc was trying to help with pain management for fibro. He put me on Epilim. (Sodium valproate). An anti epilepsy drug which can dampen down pain receptors in brain. Sadly you have to keep bumping up your dose. Eventually I was 16 stone and quite bovinely sedated yet the pain crept back. I said. ENOUGH. I weaned myself off and then managed to lose 25 kilos (4 stone). I’m less than that now due to pre diagnosis of PMR weight loss but still need to lose about a stone. Xxxx

Apparently Serena Williams is considered obese based on the charts we are given. Oh to be like Serena Williams, one of the best tennis players in the world.

ChrisMcT in reply to piglette

She is a BIG girl. I've never been much over 8st so it's all relative. xx

What you mean you have to be like Serena Williams to be an international tennis star?

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