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Hi there, question regarding flare up, best dose to deal with, and subsequent reduction


Hi there, diagnosed PMR December 16, reductions going well until down to 5 mg in april/may. Return of hip pain, no other symptoms really. In June I think, I upped to 7 for a few days and back to 6 mg. I've been stuck on 6 for a few weeks now, sore and stiff hips. GP took bloods, not elevated (never have been). He also wanted to test for RA ...negative. Telephone conversation with GP yesterday and he suggested upping to 10 for a week, then to 7.5mg. but I'm not sure how long I should stay at 7.5 and where to drop to after that. I didn't clarify with him...i blame pred head and also my relief that he was so understanding and kind and suggested what I'd been thinking.

What do you think...10 mg for 5/7 days, then down to 7.5mg for how long, and then what?

Thank you! Lynda

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Perhaps you could then try drops of 0.5 using one of the recommended tapering programmes on here. Invest in a good pill cutter. I made several attempts before I could get down to 6 mgs. Sometimes your body is just not quite ready. Your doctor sounds sensible and kind. Good luck. There is no rush.

Thank you, Jane. I've been reading the posts on here for some time...they are so helpful. I haven't had to go back to GP for a while, so felt reassured by his advise...what I remembered of it!


I think I would stick at 7.5mg for a month or so at least and then try down to 7mg. It really doesn't sound as if you are ready for 6mg yet - but you might be in a couple of months. You are at a low dose - the same sort of amount of corticosteroid your body makes naturally in the form of cortisol. It is nothing to worry about.

Lyndab62 in reply to PMRpro

Thank you. I've been looking through the posts about flares, but couldn't just find one similar to my situation.

I've taken 10 today. How many more days at 10 do you think? Then straight to 7.5mg? I should have sorted this out weeks ago, could kick myself.

Your advice and reassurance is much appreciated

Play it by your symptoms. Give it a few days to see if 10 will settle it. Personally I would do a taper from 10. However if you feel that the inflammation is nipped in the bud, then you ought to be able to do that drop ( as long as it is just a few days).

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Lyndab62

I think your idea of 5 to 7 days sounds fine. You should be able to drop to 7.5mg straight away - you can only find out by doing it and seeing what happens. It is what I would do in your place.

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