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A Photo of my Nurse - For Daisychain12


I promised to send a picture of Teddy to Daisychain12 - Linda. Apparently you have to use a new post for this.

here he is Linda - What does Joey think? Teddy is a rescue dog, which means that some misguided person didn't want him - can you believe? There's not a bad bone in his body. All he wants to do is cuddle everyone and make them happy. We love him to bits too.

He's not as big as he looks - he has a small chair.

Best Wishes


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arthur463 in reply to HeronNS

I would like to do that if it means that daisychain12 will get it - but I don't quite understand your instruction- tag it how - and where?. Can you elaborate a bit please

HeronNS in reply to arthur463

arthur463 Just type the @ sign, then follow with the name of the person you want to tag. The @ doesn't show up after you complete this, but certainly on my device Daisychain's name is highlighted in the post which means she will get a notification she's been tagged. As she used a capital D you have to type the name exactly the same.

arthur463 in reply to HeronNS

Thanks so much Heron. Luckily Daisychain12 has spotted it now - but I will note it for next time.


OMG! Sooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!

arthur463 in reply to Hidden

I know! We are really blessed.

Ah, Bless.... :-)

Thanks for the kind thought - Your Lordship.

You're welcome Arthur. p.s 'Lord MB' will do nicely.. ;-) :-D

Ah, I see - Of course. And should I tug my forelock?

We mustn't mess about on this thread Mark. This is "The Teddy Appreciation Society", after all. Teddy is basking in all this affection and appreciation from these lovely people - as am I on his behalf. I'm trying not to let it go to his head - as it has to mine.

No, Arthur, please don't tug anything in my presence. I always get embarrassed about such things. I've known people get locked-up for less.

As for messing about here: I agree, the TAS is a serious business and only suitable for Canine Lovers. Maybe I'll re-phrase that: 'Lovers of Canines'. To be honest, your angelic looking and docile companion puts my Teddy (latest iteration - the edgy and notoriously mysterious 'Tedski') into the shade. He (she?) looks like a real find.

Conclusion? Good trumps Bad? Hummphhhh ;-)

MB :-)


Lucky lad you are Arthur. Clever dog on the best seat.

arthur463 in reply to Hidden

Yes Pepperdoggie - This little bundle has become the light of our lives - especially mine just now. He is here now - curled-up right round my feet as I type - Silly lovely boy.

He is awesome!

arthur463 in reply to MaryA_

Teddy sends his thanks for your thoughts MaryA

What a sweet baby!! I just love him.

arthur463 in reply to pmrkitty

And Teddy loves - Everyone. Thanks for the note klaroche

Oh my gosh I am just melting with love. What a perfect beautiful boy. I love him on sight. How can someone not want him? His face is soulful and wise and gentle. I am so very happy he has your love. Bless your kind heart for giving him a home. Thank you. You’ve made my day xxxxx Linda xxxx

Arthur you have made me very happy with your photo and the knowledge that there wonderful people like you who rescue sad babies like these who only want to pour their love over us. Linda xxxxx

Ah Linda --- We didn't rescue him. He rescued us when he came. Now he rescues us every day. XX

Oh he is just adorable. What a kind face he has.😃😃😃

arthur463 in reply to York54

Thanks for that (from Teddy). A kind spirit too

arthur463 in reply to York54

All these lovely dog lovers - It' a bit overwhelming! Yes - he is a kindly boy. Sounds weird to say that

Precious best friend! Any clue about breed mixture? I’m in love with him! My Joey is 13 and wakes me up at 3:00 am every day! So glad she’s still here!

arthur463 in reply to Sandy1947

Hello Sandy 1947

I had no idea that Teddy would be such a hit - though he does deserve it!

He is (reputedly) a Cockapoo - I guess that's probably right, although the guy who dropped him at the dog's home only left his veterinary record behind. At least that was all up-to-date.

He was 11 months old when he came to us. He will be four in about November

And he is a bundle of pure joy. from the tip of his wet black nose to the end of his wagging tail.

So Yes - We are both totally soppy over him.


Sandy1947 in reply to arthur463

Soppy is good! Pet and hug him for me!

He's adorable! Such a trusting face! X

arthur463 in reply to Jackoh

Yes - He trusts everyone - and everything - a bit too much sometimes. He trusted a big grumpy Alsation a couple of months ago, and got quite badly beaten-up. All better now, but he does now survey big dogs before he hares around them.

Dear arthur463,

I don't think that I 'know' you, or Daisychain12, but I LOVE this dog! What a Sweetie and he was a Rescue Dog....Wow. Some years ago now, in a Pub near my Mother's, I met a man with his dog.....Nothing unusual there, except the dog had his nose put- so lovingly- on the man's lap. The affection that this man, was showing, to the dog was Magical too. Apparently the dog was a 'Rescue' animal and, this lovely man, was his THIRD owner. A meeting of 'Kindred' spirits perhaps, it was certainly wonderful to see. What's the history, of your beautiful animal?

I'm not going out today, even though, I DO love the rain. I'm having a Lazy day....For a change! I'll listen, to it, Trickling Down the drainpipes, that run, alongside my walls. How does the song go- "What a beautiful noise...…

Give Teddy a 'Pet', for me, will you? Kindest wishes.


arthur463 in reply to AndrewT

Hello AndrewT. Yes - He's a lovely boy - A bit like the one you met in that Pub once-upon-a-time. We feel really blessed that we found each other. We have had quite a few dogs over the years, but I think you only find that special dog maybe once or twice in a lifetime.. I have also described him a bit to Grants48 below.

Nice talking to you


Thank you Arthur for posting the lovely picture of Teddy,l am so pleased that he has found a loving home with you.Dogs are so loyal ,l remember the story of Greyfriars Bobby,l cannot bear to think of any animal being mistreated as they do obviously have feelings,all they need is to be loved and well looked after.l am sure he is a great comfort to you .

arthur463 in reply to Grants148

Hello Grant - I too remember Greyfriars Bobby - true story, as I recall. My grandmother kept re-reading the it, and had a big weep every time.

We have had quite a few dogs over the years - bought as puppies. Then a friend said that we should try a rescue dog - "Because they are so grateful!" Well - we laughed at that - but now I'm not so sure. This bundle of joy absolutely adores us - as we do him. You tend to wait a while when you lose your best friend - I think that's possibly not the thing to do - although if we hadn't waited, it would be some other dog - not our beloved Teddy.

So true Arthur,l found the story of the little dog very moving ,and it is true that rescue dogs are so loving ,it just proves that they have emotions just like we do ,my sons little westie is not a rescue dog but she likes nothing better than being on someone’s lap ,you would never feel lonely when you have a dog.

arthur463 in reply to Grants148

It's most interesting that you can confirm the gratitude and love of rescue dogs. I hadn't realised it until Teddy came along, and you seconded the notion. Hmmm. Food for thought.

I said this on another mail somewhere, but Teddy knows when I, or my wife, have hurt ourselves. He is so gentle at these times, and carefully climbs on to one's lap. Then he is most determined to carefully and thoughtfully lick the hurt. He knows where it is! - Fancy that. My family used to run kennels, and my grandmother was firmly convinced that they must have something curative in their saliva - and that they are aware of that. Well Grant - hundreds of thousands of years of evolution with no hand to help them out - Maybe they developed a few tricks that we have no idea of. Who knows?

So we let him lick our hurts.

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