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This skin


I came off pred beginning of April after 2 years. So far so good but my skin is like tissue paper. Any good creams, pills or advice anyone can give me please?

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Double base Gel I find the best

I use Vitamin K cream and arnica for red bruising and all over arms and legs for papery skin. Then, perfume-free dry skin cream. Not perfect but it helps.

Everything I use on my skin has moisturising properties, there are so many on the market. A sun block even on a cloudy day is a good idea too.

I bet there are supplements too, not sure which but probably the vit D and Calcium we already take.

I expect Vitamin C is important for skin health. read an article the other day which said that an orange a day keeps the doctor away!

We always said apples. It didn’t work.

The study examined several different fruits and maybe vegetables, wish I'd paid more attention. The only one which "worked" was oranges.

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Ah, it was the EYE doctor. It helps prevent macular degeneration.

but ohhhh apples are so yummy!

And doctors can be so crummy. 😉

My skin’s like that too. But the bruising has been so improved (even on Pred) since I gave up all anti inflammatory meds (like X strength bufferin). I use eucerin (daily something) and have had no big problems. In my case, I lost a lot of weight and am a member of the “3/4 Club” so it comes with the territory.

What's the 3/4 club?

LOL :) 75. I was so excited to join I celebrated in NYC! Was wonderful!


:) I usually work all day, stop for a drink alone- go home. Loved every minute.

Many thanks - I will try what you advise

My gp prescribed a cream called Zeroveen. Its been fantastic on my skin where nothing else had worked.

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