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Feeling like a rabbit all those greens

I have lost another 5 lbs so now at 15lbs down another 80 to go. It feels good. The one thing about eating three huge salads a week is I don’t have much of an appetite which is the bonus in all of this.

My rhuemetologist appt was confusing. He was glad of the weight loss yet he still is pushing for faster decreases in doses. This week I am back to 10 for the third time and will alternate with 11 mgs of prednisone. He said my labs are pretty much showing my crp number is 14. It doesn’t seem to matter what dose I am on it always comes back to 14. The lowest I got was an 11 for two weeks then back to 14. So, could I have a stuck number or should it go down before I do?

God bless


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Fantastic news on the weight loss, looking forward to summer down this end of the world as salad in winter is so expensive, £3 for a small cucumber!!!

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Yeah I am noticing my food budget is getting stretched. But then I am not buying ice cream or toppings etc hehehehe🦋

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I suppose I'll look forward to ice cream dilemmas in summer, too flipping cold right now. Mmmmm dreaming of sun not ice cream 🤣

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Our super gelateria in town is open all year - except January when they go on holiday. And the queues are still there when the kids come out of school!

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Well done on the weight loss, I have lost a stone, but just wish I felt better for it...I don`t....and must say....now rather sick of salads!

No-one believes me when I say I don’t like salads - never have, and I’ve tried loads and loads of varieties!

I almost feel guilty about it.😏😂

I try all sorts....do not like any lettuce!.........but eat it anyway.......chopping it all up drives me mad......😱

If I have to prepare it I don’t chop it, I just pull it apart in small pieces, less strenuous on the wrists.😀

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I am getting tired of salads. I buy the kit which has extra stuff plus dressing. Then I put in beets, avocado and hard boiled egg. It is ok once I start eating it but sure don’t like the fight to go fix it. But I do.

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Yes I agree.....I chop celery, cucumber, peppers, radishes ......but my OH chops all the veg for evening meal, so I'm thinking maybe h will have another chopping job!.....

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Well done on the weight loss!

I know other people who had a high CRP and reduced OK so if he isn't worried I wouldn't!

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My doc doesn’t seem to worry about it but I get concerned when the pains start eeeking back. I basically go by how I feel rather than labs.

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Quite right - symptoms ALWAYS trump lab values! Either way. If you have raised labs and no symptoms - wait and see. If you have symptoms and no raised markers - consider a bit more pred, especially if they get worse.

Hi Lin-Calif

So happy for you about the weight loss. I have tried and tried and just can't seem to get going. Need to lose about 50 lbs. Know I would feel better. Keep it up and wow how much better you will feel.

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It is not easy to get started but once you start to lose it is a lot easier to talk yourself into eating that huge bowl of greens. Yikes it is daunting at times.

Congratulations on the weight loss.

If you feel OK the CRP is not so important, it is how you feel. My ESR has never been below 50 and my CRP has never been below 19. If I feel bad I put up my dose and if not stay the same or reduce. I suppose it is the same problem as if my inflammation markers always stayed low as is true for around 20% of people, even though one is in pain.

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Thanks, yeah I mostly go on how I feel rather than labs. It just gives me a place to work from.

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Weight loss, YAY!

As for the labs...sometimes, me thinketh too many labs, with minimal usefulness considering the disorder runs its own course, and we just have to buckle up and hang on for the ride! Sorry to mush up all the metaphors, but I do wonder why the chronic dependence on blood work, when little seems gained from all the details...am I missing the importantance, ...

after 5 years with PMR?

Just askin...Jerri

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piglette in reply to Purplecrow

I do feel that it is easier to say have a blood test which puts off the need to make any sort of diagnosis and puts off the evil day when some decision needs to be made.

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Because they are a "real" thing that they can measure and see whether they are "in" or "out" of normal range. The fact they don't necessarily mean as much as they think is immaterial.

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For me it helps to know my labs. If I feel awfulI go get the blood drawn and it settles me knowing it is the same as usual. Then I can see if it is something other than Pmr messing with me.

Great News on the weight loss 🥗 Linda, I’m not a fan of lettuce but l do try! I’ve left our scales packed in the Storage Unit, Cunning Plan!?!

It’s easier to eat lighter food at this time of the year, but we forget our friends down under are still in winter!

Best Wishes Linda

Angela xx

I actually enjoy a good salad at times but the problem is the upset stomach and gas. I thought it would get better but it isn’t. That is the main reason I am weary of salads. I have found out I enjoy spinach salad better than mixed greens. Go figure....

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Congratulations on the weight loss. I find that if I don’t chew my monstrous salads really well, I get gas payback.

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I am supposed to chew. Geeez it is bad enough.

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I've had to stop eating Brussel sprouts because they give me has problems and seeing as I'm doing a musical show every evening, is not fair for fellow roommates. Farting with microphones on is not considered a special effect 🤣

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Hehehe 😂

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Have some sort of fermented food in same meal. We always add a tablespoon of fermented vegetable, a version of kraut, or kimchi, with our salads. We often drink kombucha in same meal or have yoghurt for dessert. Not aware of any particular gas problems from salad and maybe this is why?

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I will have to look up a few of these things I freeze my yogurt cups for desert. It takes forever to eat it. Yeah I know that lemon yogurt is sweetened but it works for me 😜.

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We just put plain yoghurt on berries. Boring I suppose, but we like it. I will use a little drizzle of maple syrup if needed.

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Yeah I am working my way to plain. I have been modifying what I eat and realized in the past I overwhelmed myself with too many changes at once and always failed. I know if I could exercise more it would come off faster but I get all stove up just playing in the pool.

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Everything you do in the pool takes 7 times as much effort as what you do on land - so what about splitting up your fun in the pool into shorter bursts with a good rest or change of activity inbetween?

Out of interest - what do you eat in your salads?

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I buy the pre packaged salad which comes with cheese some crunchy chips and sometimes seeds w vinaigrette dressing. I also get the butter lettuce and red lettuce in a package to that I add hard boiled egg, an avocado and some beets when I have them. I have some zucchini I just got and will chop those up also.

I also will cut up chicken tenders.

On my non salad nights I have chicken or pork with a large side of Veges.

Well done on the weight loss Lin- calif!!

Good on you Lin-calif you are your own best physician!

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