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Still holding


My crp is stuck at 14 seems like forever. I got down to 11 msg and am now back at 12.5. The only positive thing about this is I didn’t have to go back up to 20 which is what normally has happened.

My absolutely wonderful GP is leaving so now I have to break in a new doctor. My Rhumy is an older man set in his ways so it is not easy with him. But at least he is not rushing me like the last go round.

Weather here in California is wonderful and I am anxious to get into pool. Have to wait for my back to heal where two moles were removed.

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jinasc on the forum also had a very stubborn CRP level and her doctors were very reluctant to let her reduce her dose of pred. Then one of them had a lightbulb moment: she is very tall for a woman and at the time very wellbuilt as a result of having gained a lot of pred weight. He wondered if the high CRP was due to that - and they continued reducing, relying on symptoms rather than blood levels. Then they did an ultrasound test and could find no sign of GCA. She got off pred without any problems at all despite the high CRP. And then the pred weight just melted away - until one day her skirt fell down in a shop because it was too big ;-)

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Yes I am tall and overweight and we were doing as you said. but my symptoms came back after 3 days at 11 mgs.

I took 13 mgs then to 12.5 to get my shoulders and legs to work and stop hurting. It has been 2 1/2 yrs and I am weary.

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Fair enough! But you haven't been at this that long (I know, it feels likes a long time) but most people take more like 4 or 5 years. And on average, PMR lasts 5.9 years

Hi, good luck with breaking in your new doc I’m sure you’ll manage him very well. Enjoy your sunshine we have some too at the moment it’s forecast to be a good summer for a change, an Aussie friend describes English weather as nine months of winter and three months of bad weather. 😂

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I often wonder if my ancestral genes likes cooler weather or is it the pred hot flashes that makes warm days unbearable. my new doc is a she and so I figure half the battle is won. I don't seem to threaten women like I do men. hehe😁

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I don't think it is even that good...

Nice to hear from you Lin-calif. It’s good that you didn’t have to go up to 20 mgs this time. You do sound on top of things even though you’ve got doctors to manage and train. Lucky you with a pool to cool off in.

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Thanks. Yes for lower income seniors it is unheard of to be blessed with a pool. I think they might price me out soon tho as I got 2 raises in rent in just over a year. no rent control it is on the ballot tho. BUT I know the good Lord always takes good care of me.

take care and thanks for response.

I'm really curious about how difference in size weight age etc affects people with pmr. When I questioned my GP about being put on a high dose to start, he said he was being aggressive because of my height and weight. Weird journey on this pmr trip!!!

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Your thought made me laugh and remember a surgery I had. I went to the recovery room where I worked and was going to have a total hysterectomy. I told the nurse I would be really knocked out because they always go by size n weight. n told her to simply get a cold rag n put it on my face. well she didn't do it I could hear her freaking out and calling the doc over. He said give her Narcan I could have killed her as I did not want to be that awake post surgery. go figure I have always been a sensitive and don't need much of any med I guess until now.

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Actually the recommended doses are mainly high enough to cover all that (the lowest effective dose in the range 12'5 to 25mg/day). A study done in Italy a few years ago found that 12.5mg was enough to achieve symptom control within a month in 75% of subjects . A lower dose will work as long as it is vell above the dose you will need longer term - it just takes longer. And they commented that the results were better in smaller women and less good in larger men.

But aggression in terms of the starting dose doesn't really make a lot of difference since all it is doing is clearing out existing inflammation and that will happen eventually even with a moderate dose - as far as they can tell, it has no effect on the actual disease process underlying the autoimmune disorder that makes the immune system go haywire.

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