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Why is my page coming up in Spanish?


I wanted to post about frozen bananas which someone mentioned the other day and I wanted to say thank you as I stuck one in my freezer, duly forgot it, found it yesterday, wondered what on earth it was, and , once the pred head had ground into gear and identified it, I tried it. What a delight! Must be better for me than Ice cream and I shall introduce my slightly tubby grandson to this as well. Thank you whoever it was.

Do hope someone can sort out the Spanish page for me and that this does not come up in Spanish.

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there is a wonderful machine call YONANNAS that you put frozen banana in along with either cocoa powder, or strawberries etc etc and you can make different flavored ice cream out of the bananas! it's great. surely it is on eBay cheap!(are you in the states or in UK)


*laughing* @ "... slightly tubby grandson."

When my kids were little, and even when they weren't so little, we used to make our own popsicles in special Tupperware forms, and banana was a favourite base ingredient, often with the addition of smooth peanut butter, or carob powder. But a frozen banana makes a nice dessert all on its own. Thanks for the reminder.

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