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Glucose intolerance

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Hi. Been a while. Busy with life and stuff and reducing our old friend, the steroids.

It’s been 7 years since my first diagnosis of PMR. Also possible GCA so have been on steroids as high as 60mgs but never managed lower than 6mgs. Tried methotrexate combo but not successful on that. Now on 12mgs and slowly reducing.

I have now been diagnosed as being glucose intolerant due to long term steroids. As I already follow a careful diet GP has advised I take Metformin to help lower my glucose levels. And yes. Increase exercise as much as my PMR body will permit.

Anybody else has had this additional health condition added to the mix?

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend 😘

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Not yet, but I’ve just had a test. Much as I crave sweet things, they don’t agree with me. How are you with Metformin?

I’ll let you know. First one today. In a way I feel relieved as it explains why I have been unable to lose any weight despite following a very careful diet( husband has type 2 diabetes so we both follow his diet). Also one or two other niggling symptoms I had just put down to getting older! So we’ll see. Would love to get to 5mg of Pred but have never got there. Hope the body behaves itself! Thanks for your reply x

Sorry to hear this WendyAnne

My previous GP was always warning me about this & every time he dot the opportunity he did a random Blood Sugar Test but somehow it was always normal.

Hope you get on with the Metformin OK

Mrs N x

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Thank you! My random blood test was 8.6. Funnily enough, my fasting blood plasma level was v low- only 4.7 but the tell tale result was the Hb Ac1 test which was 6.9 ( apparently in diabetic territory). So my gp decided that leaving it for three months and then retesting wasn’t a sensible option so Metformin it is! X

I agree about trying diet first.....lots of info out there. My hbac1 was 44, was told bracket for diabetes was 42 to 48, then diabetic......after just over 4months for it down to 36......virtually no sugar.....practically no can be done....if you start strict with yourself.........I don't deprive you 7 years with PMR.....

Good luck

I've had this glucose intolerance / borderline diabetic diagnosis twice during my 3 year Prednisolone journey. Each time I explained to GP that I would tackle it with diet. My daughter is press officer at Newcastle Uni Medical Facility where a prof has been working on the severe 800 calorie diet to "cure" type 2 diabetes for years with remarkable success. I could not manage the 800, but went carb free and about 1000 calories........and each time it has worked...... So suggest you persevere with diet first.

Good luck

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

I would agree with others, try adjusting diet first, as you reduce Pred it normally gets better anyway.

I started on 80mg Pred and my sugars did run a bit on the high side for a while, but GP didn’t go into panic mode and I just ate more sensibly and every resolved itself.

My hubby was diabetic and on Metformin, not the nicest of drugs!

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