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Wish Me Luck! Update #4


(Following on from my previous posts: Wish Me Luck! and Wish Me Luck! Updates #1 to #3)

Since April 2nd I’ve been following the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP) and it’s become second nature now.

AIP is a nutrient-rich approach that removes foods that irritate the gut, cause gut imbalance and activate the immune system. It helps to reduce inflammation, regulate hormones and addresses micronutrient deficiencies.

It isn’t just a diet however but also looks carefully at lifestyle factors including sleep, exercise, stress management and social interaction.

I’m still doing really well on it! That awful fatigue has gone and I feel very alive!!!

Since I started I’ve managed to reduce my Pred dose from 10mg to 8.5mg following DSNS tapering method and I’m about to start tapering to 8mg which is close to the kind of dose that will challenge my adrenals to kick back in. We shall see how that goes!

I’ve continued to lose about 1lb per week which is exactly what I hoped for and my BMI has gone down from Obese to Overweight.

I’m still doing daily strength exercises and gentle walking. I feel much stronger and more flexible.

I meditate daily and feel more calm.

My hair has stopped falling out and my nails are stronger.

The swelling in my ankles has gone down significantly.

I’ve reduced by half the amount of Codeine I take for OA pain.

However, I still have tinnitus and my sleep is less good than it was a month ago. I’d seen an increase from 6+ hrs to 8+ hrs since April and it’s now back down to around 6 hrs. I think this may be to do with the heat we’re experiencing in the UK at the moment and possibly something to do with my general increased energy and vitality combined with Pred. Nothing else has changed so I don’t know what else it could be but I’m investigating ways to improve this area.

I’m still not good at seeing people face-to-face. This is my biggest challenge. I’m your classic artist in a garret and have always been an extreme introvert but PMR and Pred have certainly exaggerated this trait and the stress of seeing even very close friends is something I still avoid if at all possible.

So...I’m staying on AIP for now and don’t plan to start reintroducing any of the foods I’ve eliminated until I’m on a much lower dose of Pred. This may be a very long time and requires a lot of discipline and management but to me it’s absolutely worth it. I know my general underlying health is improving and I feel like I’m doing the very best I can for my all-round wellbeing.

The diet part of AIP is not an easy option but I’m SO glad I came across it and decided to give it a go. The benefits are palpable and huge!

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Good luck to you and very well done. what a disciplned person you are. Do hope you will regain your wellness.

Ditto JGBH's reply...

Well done for taking such control of your health. One of the most challenging aspects of these diseases is the sheer helplessness we feel and the horrible drugs we have to take. I can see what a massive boost your regime would be mentally and physically. I am astounded at your sheer self discipline. I can so relate to your paragraph about the self imposed social isolation. I am the same. I just find social interaction, face to face, too exhausting to contemplate. Relationships feel difficult to manage. I think if you have tended to be the “ giver” maybe you don’t know how to be when you can’t. This disease has made me re- evaluate a lot of things. I am so glad that you feel sparkly and well. I am sure the heat is affecting our sleep. I have a fan going all night. I am at the Adrenal dose and can feel annoyingly lively at bedtime having drooped about all day. I am on Australia time I think.

Keep it up, you are an inspiration!

I am full of admiration for you. Not only disciplined, but it must be marvellous to say you feel so ALIVE!!!! VERY WELL DONE! THE PART RELATING TO YOUR GUT/IMBALANCES ETC, WOULD CERTAINLY BE BENEFICIAL TO ME, BUT, HAND ON HEART, i WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO HAVE THE Stamina/will-power to carry it out.May you achieve all you have set your mind to.


WOW! Good job you! I so admire your tenacity!!! You must be very disciplined! I honesty don't think I could do it! Keep it up! We are all rooting for you!!!!

Thank you all so much! I really value everyone's support and encouragement :)

I've said before it's not so much a case of discipline as desperation! What drives me to pursue this path and stick to it, as well as the obvious symptoms of PMR and the side effects of Pred, is a fundamental belief that the body will do it's very best to heal itself given the right conditions, so I'm just trying to provide the best conditions I possibly can.

I've come across so many people now who have done this, for however long, and their autoimmune disease has gone into remission as a result.

The thing is it really isn't that hard! Making the decision to go for it was the hardest thing. Once decided it's just been a question of finding out what to do and doing it. OK it's taken a little time to learn new ways but I find it fascinating. Most of my meals are honestly delicious and I certainly do feel a lot better, so it really seems to be paying off already - even though I still have PMR!

Well done you! So pleased it's working out for you.

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Thank you! :)

Sometimes I just don't have enough time to do that with me. I am so busy looking after dogs and my grandchildren. But good for you. Keep going. X

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Thanks morrison and I understand. It does take time planning and preparing but for me it would take time anyway, even if I was eating all the things on the ‘avoid’ list. I prefer to cook everything from scratch so I know what’s going in!

I have dogs too but I don’t have grandchildren. I imagine they might be a handful at times!!!

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I also cooked normally from scratch. But each tother our own diets. Xx

in reply to morrison

Absolutely! We're all different :)

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