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Very apropos to our PMR journey.



Hoping that in my wanting to share this information I am not breaking any rules or stepping on anyone's toes in any way.

Extract. From your brain to your digestion, your immune system is a complex and vitally important aspect of your health. It's impacted by a variety of factors, like genetics and nutrition, but also can be highly influenced by your emotional state, level of stress, lifestyle, and even social isolation.

That’s why I want to tell you about Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s documentary series, Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You. It provides you with all the tools and information you need to see how these factors can manifest, sometimes years down the road, into autoimmune-related conditions.

People often don’t even know that their health condition is an autoimmune disease, so let’s look at the long list of illnesses that fall under the epidemic of autoimmunity:

Cancer and post-cancer illnesses * Depression * Anxiety * Multiple Sclerosis * Celiac Disease * Crohn’s Disease * Endometriosis * Fibromyalgia * Graves’ Disease * Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis * Lupus * Chronic Fatigue * Lyme Disease * Peripheral Neuropathy * Psoriasis * Rheumatoid or Psoriatic Arthritis * Raynaud’s Phenomenon * Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) * Scleroderma * Ulcerative Colitis (UC) * Brain disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s * And a long list of symptoms like joint pain and even migraine headaches – “simple” conditions (that ruin lives)...

We can turn the tide on chronic illness. We can stop, and even reverse, these debilitating conditions that so many have accepted as their fate.

I invite you to

to watch this valuable series with those you care about.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan invested more than two years gathering the most cutting-edge information from all around the world. I hope you’ll take advantage of it, to support your own previous health and the health of the ones you love.

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The site won't load. Did you mean And how is he connected to this Tom O'Bryan? I think it's pretty much accepted that stress of various kinds can indeed lead to the body apparently turning against itself and starting a disease process. When we're healthy it means the body systems are able to deal with stressors, even with foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria. But when something happens to compromise the system which guards us that's when we're at risk.

Ta1ch1 in reply to HeronNS

Hi HeronNS. I have just used that link again after clearing my history cache and it works fine. The connection between the two I am not 100% sure of. This was among a list of links/articles sent to me by a friend and I have taken the time to watch the video's and read the articles. As I say, it has opened my eyes to quite a lot of factors that I had not considered previously. I hope you manage to get the link working for yourself.

Thanks for posting the link. I've registered and look forward to watching. I see from the schedule that leaky gut syndrome and the gut microbiome feature strongly. For many years now I've believed that there is a connection here so I'll be interested to see what this practitioner says too.

PolywotsitPMRGCAuk team member

Hello. A couple of people have raised this post with admin. It's not really clear how much of this is your words and how much is a cut and paste. This may well be a bona fide site, but I always tend to be a bit suspicious of anything written in an over-positive tone! I am going to have a look at the link and comment tomorrow.

Ta1ch1 in reply to Polywotsit

Hi KateGilbert. Other than the statement " Hoping that in my wanting to share this information I am not breaking any rules or stepping on anyone's toes in any way." The post is 100% copy and paste. I research as much as I can regarding autoimmune and inflammation, as well as PMR. I find similarities and I make my own connections. I find this forum to be the greatest help so far. but that does not mean that there will not be other relevant information out there. It is a shame that some have raised this post with admin, but of course, that is their choice and as with any post, it is just as easy to ignore if it does not fit with anyone's own views. As for the bare feet, it takes all sorts to make this world go round, as my old dad would say. He also had a saying that he would repeat to me over and over again ( when he thought it required hammering home ). " We are born with two eyes, two ears and only one mouth. It is best that "you, my son" learn to use them in the same ratio". So I guess my post is by way of sharing what I have managed to find and to hope that is it of benefit to all while being upsetting to no one.

PolywotsitPMRGCAuk team member in reply to Ta1ch1

Don't worry about it. It's simply a stylistic issue - over the years I have noticed that if you cut and paste, many readers cannot tell the difference between what you are saying yourself and what you are quoting. You can get round this by putting the quoted parts into italics, or paraphrasing rather than cut and paste.

PolywotsitPMRGCAuk team member

Ps. What I really want to know is whyour do those guys have bare feet while they still have their jackets on? Seriously weird if you ask me😞.

But on a more serious note, I'm glad you have discovered the autoimmune link. There is an autoimmune association that publishes authoritative material.

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