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what a storm


I had no intention of upsetting so many people. I ache thinking about it now a day later. I was in high dudgeon at first from the negative responses especially since I meant no harm. But when I saw how really angry some were or simply upset I realized this morning I need to apologize. I will not post anything other than PMR related comments unless in private chats. I am especially sorry to Kate who has had to plow through all of this and decide what stays or goes. I should change my name!! yogabonnie not quite fitting for a troublemaker!! Breathe. Relax. Let this go.

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Please don't take it personally. Your post was caring and compassionate. Perhaps those of us who followed took it too far. We will never know exactly what the trigger point was. Be kind to yourself. xx

Don’t you be too hard on yourself you could never have predicted the outcome of a comment and there was clearly no intention to upset/offend/anger anyone. It’s good to hear about other people’s lives/views and helps us get to know one another better, which can never be a bad thing. You relax, have a glass of wine and move on from it, knowing most members know you intended no harm 💕

We need to hug each other. I'm still tearing up from the way my friends spoke to me yesterday - and it doesn't matter how apologetic they all were when they saw how upset I became. What's done is done, and the tide will wash over the traces as it always does and tomorrow will be a new day. We never step into the same river twice. The world is forever becoming new. Peace. ❤

A hug and peace for you in return.

Lovely 🌸

please do'nt change your name and do not label yourself so negatively. Throwing the cat among the pigeons can cause people to think things over. hope nobody blames me for saying this. let us turn the page.

I am rather miffed that l,missed your post that was taken off site yogabonnie,l am sure it was not anything too bad just rather political.There are so many upsetting things going on in our world that can really cause us stress,and that can effect our condition.This is such a helpful Forum,we are all friendly and supportive and l hope you will not be put off by what has happened regarding your post .Sending you kind thoughts and a big hug,Patricia xx

Keep posting,and l like your name,so do not change it xx

Big hugs to you yogabonnie. I know that feeling “ what just happened?.” Usually my daughters’ directed at me. Xxxxxx

Standing in line to give you a hug!

Hi Yogabonnie, I don't think you're a trouble maker xxx

It's just one of those things that happens sometimes. It must be the Pred!

Don't worry any more. Put it in the past and make it disappear. I also hope that anyone who was upset can do this too.

I think it's important that when we have this condition we learn to move forward in the most positive way we can or else the negativity can turn into stress and we all know what that can do. 😱.

We're all here for each other xxx

I missed the fuss - so don't know what it was about - but please don't feel bad - there's enough things to feel bad about with all this. Best whshes.

Hi yogabonnie

Well I for one appreciated your post and have just posted myself on the relationship between world events, violence and how it adds to our stress levels - not good for those who are the victims of cruelty and violence or for all of us as news related 'witnesses' of these circumstances. I understand how you must have been feeling and it seemed a very reasonable response to me !



Don't feel guilty it's a wasted emotion. I think you are on deck scrubbing duty me matey but don't for one minute think you'll get off the ship. A crew needs all it's mates xx

Missed all those posts but anyway please put all of this behind you yogabonnie. We're all different, we all need and hopefully respect each other. We all have the choice not to read, not to post, not to respond and 99.9% of the time every thing is fine with just a few blips occasionally. The admin staff do an amazing job and this site is very special. Let's all move on !

Cannot begin to say how much I appreciate all these comments. But thank you thank you and onward!

I haven't seen your post yogabonnie, as have been 'indisposed' for last couple of months and haven't been online, but as one who constantly suffers from 'foot in mouth' disease (as well as 8 years of PMR!!) I have found everyone on this site to be compassionate and caring...... so I know you will be welcomed with open arms for any future posts you make. Hope everyone is 'doing ok' at the moment..... xD

thank you. much better. ! I appreciate your comment!

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