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Update on tapering and wedding dress


First the tapering - it's going well now after going back to 10mg. Gradually went to 8mg without pain etc. 5 days ago started on 7.5mg and have achey muscles in thighs, neck and tops of arms (this is a new one). Going to wait on this dose for a bit longer to see how it goes. Fingers crossed.

Last time I posted I was going with my daughter to find her a wedding dress. First shop, 3rd dress tried one - it was THE ONE! She was in tears (I was holding mine back). We still went to the second shop, just in case. Soon returned to the first shop and she tried it on again - tears again. Not only my daughter but me and two other assistants ! Then they asked if she wanted to try on a veil, just for effect, and we all started again! Obviously bought it. It has to be altered slightly and we are going back on Saturday with the bridesmaids, who haven't seen it yet. Tissues at the ready 👰🏻

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Fingers crossed for you Pred taper. Thank you for sharing one of life’s magic moments with us! 🔔

It was magic Jane x

My daughter is getting married in August. I was really looking forward to the dress search, but soon discovered how picky she is- didn't like anything, even though everything looked wonderful on her. Finally went direct to a designer and she loved him! She now has a unique dress she loves- it is very simple, no beads, no lace, just silk. Nothing has been straight forward in the wedding planning- it has been quite a process but we have learnt a lot about each other on the way!

I don't know when your daughter is getting married but I hope it goes smoothly and is a wonderful day!

Thankfully my daughter and I think alike, but you can never tell.

Hope everything goes well for you in August - not long now! Hope you've got your outfit?

My daughter gets married in October.

5 days is usually peak withdrawal symptoms. In don’t have PMR (I hope!) and get pains in top of upper arms, thighs but not the main muscle and occasionally neck with headache. I’m fact today is bang on. Sigh.

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Hopefully things will improve from now on 🤞

I had the same problem and waited to go to the Doctor.Now,he put me at10 which didn’t work and now back at 15.I was doing so well til I went from 8 to 7.5!!😥

Sorry to hear that Bailey06. I've had to do that some time ago so hoping this will settle. It's always sooo disappointing. Still, it takes as long as it takes I suppose. I don't go to the doctors, I seem to get better advice here when I need it. Anyway, it would be at lease 2 weeks for a doctors appointment.


I have used a lot of the information here an also shared it with my Doctor.We do not have the knowledge in the states that you have in England.

Hope all your tapering goes well. I found it lovely going wedding dress shopping with my daughter. Glad it's been a good, albeit tearful experience. Xx

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Thanks Jackoh.

🤞for he tapering. Things seem to be settling a bit now.

The tears we're happy, emotional tears and I'll never forget the day 👩‍❤️‍👩

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