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IBS flare

Reducing from 15 mg prednisone slowly to 5 mg...and my IBS has flared up in a big way after being silent for a while...wind..pain all over abdomen and into back up to behind ribs...bloating..and explosive trips to the loo followed by constipation for a few days then starts again...

So fed up...

Has anyone else experienced this with IBS as they reduce??

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Have your doctors considered that MAYBE it isn't "just" IBS (as the lazy answer to anyone with such gastric problems) but that it COULD be associated with your PMR symptoms? If it is an autoimmune connection the pred will have kept it under wraps - but now the dose isn't high enough.


This maybe PMR poking through. My gut has never been right with this disease. Both conditions are made worse by stress. I wonder what would happen if you went up by 1 mg?

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Have tried that without Dr knowing...no change


Had a similar experience so can sympathise. My answer, having 'phoned a friend' was to reduce my lansoprzole by 50%. Gradual improvement over a couple of weeks to normal. I also cut out tea, coffee and anything spivey just for good measure. I did get refer erred to a gastro specialist who agreed with the action I had taken and has written to my doctor to explain. Good luck and best wishes


Oh my goodness, I am experiencing this myself right now. I am so happy it is not all in my head! It happened to coincide with my taking an increased dose of my antidepressant. Now with your post, I am wondering if it isn't my reducing my dose of prednisone. I started my taper from 8 mg to 7 mg on March 2, 2018.

Pre-PMR I had been diagnosed with IBS.

I am seeing my Rheumy on Tuesday, March 21st I will ask him about this for sure.

Hmmmm, PMRpro replied to something I posted on here a couple of days ago and she said it might not be the increase in my antidepressant. Always something to discover and learn with PMR!!


Yes. Me too. I have been aggressively pushed from 10 mg prednisone starting dose (which did not totally control my symptoms, but mostly did) down to 2 mg (he was irritated that it wasnt 0 mg) in 8 months by a rhuemy (finally fired him last month!). At 2 mg my PMR symptoms were completely out of control and had been for months. I had horrible IBS symptoms in addition to coming down with interstitial cystitis, polyneuropathies and chronic migraine. I was a total basket case. 3 weeks ago in desperation I begged my GP to let me take more prednisone and went back to 6 mg. All of my issues including the IBS and PMR pain have improved greatly but not resolved. I know from reading advice from our experts and everyone here that 6 mg is not enough for me, and I’ll be asking for more prednisone at my appt. next week.

Meanwhile, I found a medical study that had great results treating IBS with homemade yogurt (very easy and cheap to make). Eat 3 cups per day and IBS resolved in almost 90% of test subjects in 6 months. I just started this a couple days ago, but I’m hopeful.



I also have IBS problems,so much better on a high dose of preds but returning now l am on a lower dose. I too find that tea and coffee makes things worse .


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